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X's & O's

Brandon Ingram is worthy All-Star candidate, but there remains room for improvement

More decisive decision making could unlock an All-NBA talent.

Breaking down the offense: Why the New Orleans Pelicans fall apart in crunch time

The team continues to come up short when it matters most and the offense is wholly to blame.

Breaking down New Orleans Pelicans’ sneakiest action: The early pick and slip

There’s some good things happening on the offensive side of the floor that deserve applause.

2018 NBA Playoffs: New Orleans Pelicans could be several adjustments away from more competitive effort against Golden State Warriors

Five important takeaways from the Pelicans loss to the Warriors in the opener.

New Orleans Pelicans should strongly consider signing Emeka Okafor for rest of 2017-18 season and perhaps beyond

Mekatron gives the coaching staff options around Anthony Davis and don’t forget that DeMarcus Cousins will be on the mend for some time.

Rajon Rondo’s listless effort against Utah Jazz forced Alvin Gentry to bench him

The New Orleans Pelicans Head Coach absolutely made the right choice in limiting his starting point guard’s minutes.

Pelicans lean on familiar plays when offense goes cold

Anthony Davis pick and roll is still the go-to.

New Orleans Pelicans could improve their record and make a realistic playoff push

Christmas Day deserves a glass half full perspective.

Buddy Hield displays plenty of nerves in his season debut

Uncontested layup, right? Buddy wound up missing this point-blank shot.

Pelicans nearly unstoppable in pick and rolls

What makes the pick and roll so hard to defend when both Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis share the floor together?

Pelicans must put an end to 1st quarter hellholes

A lot of things have gone wrong for New Orleans at the start of this regular season, but first things first, the roster needs to address their horrible starts in games.

X's & O's: Pelican pet plays, playoff edition

Three plays you can guarantee the Pelicans will run in the next four games against the Warriors.

The Pelicans deserve better respect

In Tuesday night's recap, David correctly mentioned the lack of foul calls on Anthony Davis' behalf. After watching a DVR recording of the game yesterday, I'd argue the entire Pelicans team got hosed.

X's and O's: Don't Settle Tyreke Evans

Hero ball happens time and time again, yet it normally results with predictable poor results.

Did the Pelicans Defense Bend or Break?

New Orleans has been downright shoddy in too many 4th quarters this season, but against the Hornets, their defense wasn't as bad as most people initially believed, myself included.

X's and O's -- Davis Still Learning on Defense

Anthony Davis is a phenom, but he's not infallible.