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Trade Machine Madness

Jrue Holiday should be on the trade block

The alternative for the Pelicans is signing up for more of the same.

NBA Trade Scenario: Pelicans exchange Holiday, Cunningham and 2017 1st round pick for Eric Bledsoe and Trey Lyles

Paul Millsap actually wanting money for rendered services got you down? Here's an alternative 3-team trade for Twitter Mafia to hate on.

NBA Trade Scenario: Greg Monroe finally comes home and Omer Asik and Ricky Rubio find love elsewhere

The New Orleans Pelicans wouldn’t be the only winners in this trade proposal.

Time to put Greg Monroe back on Pelicans radar

With almost all of the available cap space spent, New Orleans is scanning the prospective trade market.

A Trade of Tyreke Evans for Wilson Chandler?

New Orleans should explore making a deal in the Mile High City... even if it's just for salary cap relief.

Raptors highly interested in Ryan Anderson

Not the first, and certainly not the last time a team will be linked to the Flamethrower.

Ryan Anderson for Greg Monroe or Jeff Green?

This season has been a disaster, and the roster needs a drastic overhaul. (Sorry to be so blunt.)

Cavs interested in Tyreke Evans and Omer Asik

I don't understand it. But do you David Griffin.

ESPN suggests Pelicans-Pistons trade

This would be an excellent trade.

4 trade ideas sending Ryan Anderson out of NOLA

It is so hard to say goodbye.

Talking Pelicans' Trade Targets

The Pelicans need another piece, I say small, others say big, who should the Pelicans look at?

Bill Simmons has Pelican trade suggestions

He's hardly the first person to suggest tearing down the core of this roster.

Building the Pelicans anew with wings and youth

Trading away the Pelicans once young vets for current young vets instead.

Dennis Schroder, the PG Alvin Gentry needs?

Want a point guard to run Gentry's offense? One might be available in Atlanta.

Pelicans trade proposal adds McDaniels and Warren

From Behind the Bar: My Final Pelicans’ Trade Scenario of the Season — I Promise — The Frenemies Edition

Trading Ryan Anderson to Raptors for future assets

He has to get moved at some point, right? RIGHT?

Pelicans core finds new teammates via varied deals

From Behind the Bar: A rebuild on the fly roster shaping plan

Building a younger foundation around Anthony Davis

Come on Prokhorov, you know you want to win right away.

ESPN reporter suggests trading for Whiteside

How many centers are enough? At least this one can play.


Exploring three possible ways to rebuild the New Orleans Pelicans

Anderson for Sullinger: Atoning for the '12 draft

Searching for a partner beside Anthony Davis.

A scenario where Pelicans finally add Greg Monroe

Two franchise mistakes might be at least be partly corrected in one fell swoop.

Moving Anderson & Gordon for Jones & Johnson

Sometimes your best ideas on the Trade Machine come by accident.

Pelicans lose Asik/Anderson, gain Jones/Lopez

From Behind the Bar: Open Trade Season Part 5

Invoking the Ben Simmons plan

From Behind the Bar: Open Trade Season Part 4

Uniting Kidd-Gilchrist and Anthony Davis via trade

From Behind the Bar: Open Trade Season Part 3

Trade scenario that adds Rudy Gay and Courtney Lee

From Behind the Bar: Open Trade Season Part 2

Trading Tyreke to Boston, by Celtics fans

Time to move on from Tyreke? Celtic fan await with welcoming arms.

An inviting 4-team trade scenario for the Pelicans

From Behind the Bar: Open Trade Season Part 1

Three trades from outside minds for the Pelicans

Three trades for Ryan Anderson.

Trading Ryan Anderson: A brief discussion

The Pelicans have kicked the tires on a Ryan Anderson trade. What should the Pelicans do here? Acquire an asset.

NBA trade season has arrived

I don't think I'm ready to say good bye.