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Synergy Sports Data

Examining Zion Williamson’s Avenues for Offensive Growth

Superstardom remains within his grasp

Brandon Ingram is worthy All-Star candidate, but there remains room for improvement

More decisive decision making could unlock an All-NBA talent.

Lonzo Ball offering glimpses of stardom as he turns a corner offensively

Breaking down New Orleans Pelicans’ sneakiest action: The early pick and slip

There’s some good things happening on the offensive side of the floor that deserve applause.

Davis disappoints under Gentry

Turns out Davis isn't that good on the low block.

Close Your Eyes Edition

There are certain shot attempts that your Pelicans have no business partaking in.

On Second Thought, Slow it Down Reke

Analysis can be incomplete when given limited or even the wrong data.

The Argument for Greg Monroe over Omer Asik

Could the Pelicans change course this summer and bring a New Orleans native back home? It might make some sense.

The Reemergence of Eric Gordon

Anthony Davis is a Synergy Sports Demigod

We all know AD is good. But, do we even know how good yet? Let's ask some numbers.

Omer Asik: Mid Term Report Card

Taking Synergy Sports for a spin to see how Omer Asik is defending this season.

Ryan Anderson, Faulty Flamethrower?

Since Anderson's back surgery, his production is down, and it's been the most glaring when the team has needed him to shoulder the load on the road.

Synergy Sports: Pelicans After Time Outs

This article includes data from Synergy Sports. Prepare your outrage.