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Shooting for Success

New Orleans Pelicans defense might be a mirage through the first eight games

New Orleans put together 65 minutes of superb defense and it makes everything look better than it probably is so far.

Pelicans defense must improve to make the playoffs

Darren Erman finds himself in familiar territory after his first year on the job

Pelicans migrate away from the hoop and suffer

Hoping the players adapt to the scheme has not worked out well.

Pelicans defense at the halfway point improving

It's not all bad. No, seriously. Why are you running away?

Shooting for Success: Defense making headway

Who knew defending the basket leads to quality defense?

Pels find success on offense with old formula

It isn't pretty yet, but it is successful.

Jrue Holiday continues to improve, get buckets

More threes and fewer long twos are creating a much more efficient Holiday, just in time for Christmas.

Ajinca should start at center for the Pelicans

This season is not lost. It is time for Alvin Gentry to experiment.

Pelicans offense still missing the groove

It's a make shots league. No, really. That might be about it.

Pelicans defense beginning to improve

Darren Erman has to be pleased with the Pelicans defense in the past two weeks.

Waiting for open shots to fall for the Pelicans

The Pelicans are getting the exact kind of shots they want. Now to wait on the returns.

Mission Impossible: Fixing the Pelicans defense

Bad defense takes time to fix. With six games of tape Erman knows the project ahead is immense.

Shooting for Success: We miss you Tyreke Evans

Can this team get back on track? Yes. But until Tyreke Evans is back on the floor getting to the basket appears to be a challenge.

Shooting for Success: Defense dooms Monty Williams

Despite adding a defensive specialist in Omer Asik the Pelicans did not improve a lot on defense. That lack of progress ultimately cost Monty Williams his job.

The Pelicans offense is Top 10 material

Three consecutive seasons of improvement makes you ask if Monty Williams is actually an offensive coach in disguise.

Pelicans vs Warriors Shot Selection Analysis

Taking a deep dive into the SportVU data through two games.

Shooting for Success: Defense at All-Star Break

Many areas of improvement dashed by one big problem.

Shooting for Success: Offense at All-Star Break

After a long, cold start to the season the Pelicans finally found the pilot light as the calender flipped to 2015.

Shooting for Success: Marked Improvement

You wanted less mid range jump shots? More threes? More corner threes? Wishes granted.

Shooting for Success: Defensive Snapshot

New Orleans needed to find a way to defend the paint, stop fouling, and collect rebounds. The results are mixed.

Pelicans: Good Choices, Poor Results

The Pelicans couldn't hit the water standing on the causeway so far this season. But at least they are aiming from the right place.

Shooting for Success: New Data, Old Conclusions

NBA Stats and SportVU cameras believe I shouldn't sleep again.

Shooting for Success - Roster Construction

Has Dell Demps eliminated the possibility of another Unholy Trio?

Shooting for Success - Defending the Right Way

The Pelicans improved their own shot selection, what about the shots their opponent takes?

Shooting for Success - Incremental Improvement

Getting better shots improves the offense

Shooting for Success: Rounding the First Turn

22 games into the season and we still don't know who the Pelicans are yet...

Testing the zeal of the mid range jumper

Is this how Job felt?

No, You Can't Have Ryan Anderson

Is it the players? Or is it the offense? Let's find out!

Has New Orleans Been Taking the Right Shots?

Three games into the season, have the Pelicans been shooting the right shots?