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New Orleans Pelicans in NBA Power Rankings

New Orleans Pelicans land in top 10 of NBA Power Rankings

Turns out winning all your games for a couple weeks changes perceptions

Pelicans slide in power rankings thanks to leaky defense

Imagine facing the Warriors every night. That’s what opponents are doing to the Pelicans defense.

Pelicans climb in power rankings as Rajon Rondo return looms

How the middle of the Western Conference looking? Muddy. Very muddy.

Pelicans move up in power rankings as they eliminate long twos from the menu

2-1 on the week has New Orleans on the rise.

New Orleans Pelicans slip slightly in latest NBA power rankings

An opening 1-2 record, what’d ya expect?

Pelicans begin the season in the middle of the pack in NBA Power Rankings

National writers not high, or low, on New Orleans after preseason.

Pelicans settle into the bottom ten in final power rankings for season

Retaining Jrue Holiday remains the focal point for national writers

Pelicans continue upward climb in power rankings

Too little too late for the playoffs but the end of the season is still fun.

Pelicans fail to make up ground in NBA power rankings

New Orleans remains mired in the bottom third of the league

Pelicans stuck in neutral among NBA power rankings

A 2-1 week wasn't enough to convince national media folks to move New Orleans up

Pelicans plunge in power rankings after winless week

The BoogieBrow era is off to a rough start

New Orleans Pelicans rocket up NBA power rankings as they prepare to host Houston

Trading for DeMarcus Cousins has dramatically shaped the national opinion of the franchise.

Pelicans stand pat in power rankings despite winless week

New Orleans has been the 8th best team in the West over a long stretch of the season. Can they stay healthy?

Pelicans continue rising in NBA power rankings thanks to strong finish to 2016

Three of four power rankings put the Pels in the top 20!

Pelicans just close enough to push for the playoffs, inching up in power rankings

Only problem is, that’s the path to mediocrity.

Pelicans make up no ground in NBA power rankings

The New Orleans Pelicans aren’t awful. They’re just there. Bad often, good occasionally, and consistently inconsistent.

Pelicans plunge in power rankings as the schedule is about to pick up

Anthony Davis is struggling and New Orleans is sliding

Pelicans stand fast in NBA Power Rankings

Anthony Davis didn’t get a ton of help this week.

Pelicans continue to climb slowly in NBA Power Rankings

A .500 week was a disappointment by Sunday night. Seems like progress.

Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday carry the Pelicans up in NBA power rankings

Jrue Holiday is back and the Pelicans are on the rise.

Pelicans fail to make up ground in power rankings, but good news abounds this week

Jrue Holiday is coming back very soon, Tyreke Evans is working on the court, and Cheick Diallo looks good in the D-League

Pelicans battle Sixers for worst NBA team in recent power rankings

This is fine.

Pelicans join Sixers near basement of NBA Power Rankings

Anthony Davis scored 50 and 45 points in the first two games. Yet, the Pelicans lost both and power rankers noticed.

Pelicans begin the season near the bottom of most NBA power rankings

It does not appear national writers are buying into the Pelicans offseason.

Pelicans in Power Rankings - Week 24

Started near the top. Now near the bottom.

Pelicans in Power Rankings - Week 22

Ten games remain and every single loss counts.

Pelicans in Power Rankings - Week 21

Operation #TankFlight got off to a rough start on Sunday.

Pelicans in Power Rankings - Week 20

Losses can lead to victories down the road. Just ask tonight's opponent.

Pelicans in Power Rankings - Week 19

Looking toward the future with 21 games. Time to seriously root for losses.

Pelicans in Power Rankings - Week 18

Do wins matter at this point?

NBA Power Rankings - Week 17

A late season surge might be on the way. Can the Pelicans actually pass the Rockets, Jazz, and Trail Blazers?

NBA Power Rankings - Week 16

What does a season death rattle sound like?