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NBA Standings Watch

New Orleans Pelicans want to mimic 2016-17 Washington Wizards — last team to make playoffs after starting season slowly

Odds aren’t good for 2-8 teams of making the postseason, but this Pelicans squad doesn’t feel they belong in that tier.

New Orleans Pelicans should remain keenly aware of their wins and losses

A lot is riding on the finish in the standings.

Twenty-nine minutes of clutch time basketball could ultimately decide whether Anthony Davis stays or leaves New Orleans Pelicans

A string of ultra bad finishes are responsible for the 14th place standing.

Oklahoma City Thunder poised to not threaten New Orleans Pelicans nor other playoff hopefuls in Western Conference

Will one of the predicted best teams in the West be a complete nonfactor?

NBA Standings Watch: Pelicans sit 5th in Western Conference with eight regular season games remaining

This race is destined to go down to the wire.

With Anthony Davis operating in peak form, New Orleans Pelicans positioned to make run at third seed in Western Conference

Given the rest of the landscape, why not believe in the Pelicans?

New Orleans Pelicans have chance to regroup following season-ending injury to Cousins with friendly schedule

Western Conference standings are tight but traversable.

New Orleans Pelicans on surprising identical pace to 2014-15 NBA playoff version

The same record, similarly effective offenses and two disappointing defenses.

New Orleans Pelicans sit a game out of third place in the NBA Western Conference

A 7-3 record over the last 10 games of the schedule has Pelicans firmly planted inside playoff picture.

New Orleans Pelicans have started the 2017-18 season with their heads above water

A 6-6 record is right in line with most expectations, yet there’s a chance better things could be ahead despite a more fearsome upcoming schedule.

New Orleans Pelicans have made a remarkable turnaround — crying shame too few games remain

Not that long ago, many had already given up on the Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins pairing. OOPS!

New Orleans Pelicans face steep road to 2017 postseason with ten games remaining

Not technically impossible. Yet.

Pelicans playoff odds are microscopic

Grabbing a couple more losses could do wonders for the chances at keeping their first round pick

Latest NBA predictions and projections have New Orleans Pelicans missing 2017 playoffs

Too much ground to make up for a new yet ill-fitting roster while learning to play together on the fly

New Orleans Pelicans still face uphill climb to snag 8th and final playoff spot

Denver and Portland are the biggest roadblocks in the way of #BoogieBrow to make the 2017 postseason.

Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis need help from teammates to save Pelicans season

Six important games remain before the 2017 NBA All-Star weekend that should determine New Orleans’ fate.

Rudy Gay’s Achilles injury potentially changes playoff odds for New Orleans Pelicans

Is it now a 3-team race for the 8th seed in the Western Conference?

Pelicans face long playoff odds as NBA trade season is about to open

Might Dell Demps find a taker for Omer Asik?

Pelicans schedule for December offers no help to climb back into playoff picture

Eight games in 13 days featuring the top four in the West. Things could get very ugly.

The Pelicans face long odds but history teaches the 2016-17 postseason still within reach

Could New Orleans 0-8 start be another notable exception in the record books?

Pelicans draft lottery odds set for May 17th

#TankFlight moves on. Long live #TankFlight.

Pelicans could move up to 5th in lottery

An epic tank battle is on the horizon.

Pelicans need one more loss for 6th in NBA lottery

Lose two more times and things get very, very interesting.

Pelicans close to dropping in NBA Draft Lottery

Please no. Please no.

New kids on the block threaten Pelicans draft odds

The warm bodies brought in by Dell Demps to replace all the injured may actually perform a little too well over the remainder of the schedule.

Pelican playoff odds approach zero

These losses might be worth something on lottery night. That doesn't make them less painful in the present.

Pelicans hurting lottery odds pushing for playoffs

Will the Pelicans regret these wins in May?

Playoff odds long as Pelicans enter All-Star Break

Are we ready to talk about the draft? We should probably talk about the draft.

Pelicans continue to gain ground in NBA standings

New Orleans has played well, but an important 7-game stretch lies ahead, one that will likely be dictate Demps' direction just prior to the upcoming trade deadline.

Pelicans remain in hunt for playoffs and NBA draft

Pelicans are moving up the NBA standings

Don't look now but some are beginning to climb back on board the bandwagon.

In game 82, the Pelicans will beat the Spurs

One game separates the Pelicans from the postseason or going home. I'm here to tell you the glass is more half full than you may think.