Ja Morant and Zion Williamson are ruthless


2019-2020 highlights

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Anthony Davis gets the scare of a lifetime on new thrill-seeker ride


As it was reported last week, Anthony Davis is in Los Angeles, California because a number of New Orleans Pelicans are getting ready to engage in offseason workouts together.

In his downtime, Davis visited Skyspace, a new tourist attraction inside the 72-story U.S. Bank Tower. Not only does it feature the tallest open-air observation deck in California but also a ride known as Skyslide, a fully enclosed 45-foot slide made entirely of glass sitting roughly 1,000 feet in the air.

As it was probably to be expected, Davis was heard exclaiming, "Oh shit. Oh shit!" when going down the slide. It's one thing to be able to soar high above the rest of the NBA but an entirely different experience when a person's feet sit hundreds of feet above the earth. Once the quick ride was over, however, Anthony was all smiles again.

Anthony "Cat" Barber to play for Pelicans summer league squad


Barber worked out for the Pelicans in May and Dell Demps and company must have liked what they saw. He's a shoot first guard out of NC State. Last year he averaged 23.5 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists for the Wolfpack.

Relive the 2012 NBA Lottery


The smile on Monty Williams face is priceless.

Dante Cunningham celebrates Villanova National Championship


PROUD OF MY BOYS!!! Great game BOYS!!!! #attitude #novanation #villanova #nationchamps

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The end of that game was absolutely incredible. Wow. Enjoy that win Dante!

Pelicans improving on defense


I'll be diving into this much more tomorrow morning. Just looking at big picture numbers the Pelicans defense has gone from a flaming dumpster to surprisingly average.

Omer Asik - bust?


Whats the consensus on Asik's contract? Bust? Or did they have no choice b/c Anthony Davis probably told management that if they want him to resign, then they gota bring back Asik, who despite being a subpart defender, can rebound and bang a bit in the paint. The podcast above talks about Asik, Tyson Chandler, and Robin Lopez's contracts signed this past summer.

Former Hornet Baron Davis in new Uncle Drew


BD certainly looks older than he did just a few years ago. But hey, alien abductions are known cause that sort of change.

Mr. New Orleans


Davis posted this on Facebook with the caption, "Love this city!" Is it possible to have a better representative of New Orleans and the Pelicans? The city loves you back, AD.

Pelicans Receive High Marks From the 2K Team


Anthony Davis gave us a small couple of glimpses into the highly anticipated NBA 2K16 with two recent Facebook posts. You know 2K16, the highly-anticipated game that Davis graces the cover of. It comes out on Friday and it seems as if Davis got his hands on a copy four days early. Perks of being a cover boy, I guess. Anyway, the 2K ratings team was so impressed by the Pelicans' season and offseason transactions that they awarded the Pelicans with the no. 8 overall rating in the game. Let's see if it ends up even higher... The season draws ever nearer!