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Anthony Davis Goodness

Anthony Davis sets new career-high in dominant paint performance against Dallas Mavericks

34 points in the paint is a new personal best for AD!

2019 NBA Most Valuable Player Watch: Anthony Davis immediately lays claim to coveted award by display of making teammates better

If AD has permanently unlocked a missing key component and thus turned himself into the complete package, OMG!

Anthony Davis selected to 2018 All-NBA First Team, eligible for Designated Player Veteran Extension in summer of 2019

Pelicans take step closer to keeping Davis in New Orleans for a longer stretch of time.

Anthony Davis on Hall of Fame pace as he celebrates his 25th birthday

His resume is already incredible

Time to talk Anthony Davis for MVP

Have you hoped for Anthony Davis to play like a top five player in the league? You’re certainly getting it this season.

Anthony Davis remains staunchly committed to Pelicans: “I want to play for New Orleans”

Davis dismisses any notions of wanting to leave before his contract is up, recalls the team’s progress made with DeMarcus Cousins, and believes in the organization’s commitment to winning.

Anthony Davis will carry less of the offense, be more efficient thanks to DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo

Alvin Gentry took the training wheels off two years ago. Now enough talent exists for Davis to spread his wings.

Anthony Davis selected to 2017 All-NBA Team, takes step closer to potential contract extension with Pelicans

A good day for Davis and New Orleans alike!

Anthony Davis is on pace for the best season of his career, yet few are paying attention

This is cause for celebration, New Orleans!

Ample reason to be optimistic Anthony Davis stays in NOLA

Circumstances matter, and since December many things have turned in the Pelicans favor

Anthony Davis wins All-Star MVP with record breaking 52 points

The host scores the most points in All-Star Game history

Anthony Davis is the most dominant player to ever play for an NBA team starting as poorly as the Pelicans

New Orleans All-Star is the best of the best among those who found themselves on the worst of the worst to start a season with an 0-8 record.

Bright spots to focus on tonight as the Pelicans take on the Grizzlies

E’Twaun Moore, Tim Frazier, and Anthony Davis should give you something to smile about tonight.

Where Anthony Davis goes, the New Orleans Pelicans will try to follow

Davis began the season with two all-time great performances, the success of the season rests on his mammoth shoulders.

Alvin Gentry opens door for Anthony Davis to start games at center

The head coach also stated that Terrence Jones could see time at the 5 — The New Orleans Pelicans are primed to make small ball a thing!

Anthony Davis’ offseason rehab program displays some improvements in Pelicans injury prevention techniques

This news supports the claim made by Dell Demps on media day that New Orleans made necessary upgrades to the medical side of the business.

The New Orleans Pelicans need to let Anthony Davis be great again

My 2016 player preview series kicks off with a request: Please unleash the Brow.

Featured Fanshot

Anthony Davis gets the scare of a lifetime on new thrill-seeker ride

As it was reported last week, Anthony Davis is in Los Angeles, California because a number of New Orleans Pelicans are getting ready to engage in offseason workouts together. In his downtime, Davis visited Skyspace, a new tourist attraction inside the 72-story U.S. Bank Tower. Not only does it feature the tallest open-air observation deck in California but also a ride known as Skyslide, a fully enclosed 45-foot slide made entirely of glass sitting roughly 1,000 feet in the air. As it was probably to be expected, Davis was heard exclaiming, "Oh shit. Oh shit!" when going down the slide. It's one thing to be able to soar high above the rest of the NBA but an entirely different experience when a person's feet sit hundreds of feet above the earth. Once the quick ride was over, however, Anthony was all smiles again.

The time has probably come for Anthony Davis to take full reins at center for the Pelicans

The league has partially deciphered the Davis anomaly. It’s time for an updated version to take his place in New Orleans.

Reviewing 2015-16 season for Anthony Davis

Only when fans expect a spectacular season can a great one feel like such a disappointment.

Davis not yet eliminated from All-NBA selection

It isn't guaranteed either way just yet.

Can Anthony Davis become that proverbial closer?

Honestly, it's questionable that the Unibrow can become one of the best closers in the game.

Anthony Davis, a fan of Bruce Lee and Muhammed Ali

The Unibrow respects iconic legends so much that he invested in two of them.

Best OKC shot: Stephen Curry or Anthony Davis?

The reaction to Curry's heroic overtime shot was as wide-reaching as it was mesmerizing; however, it wasn't the first time fans in Oklahoma City were left speechless after an opponent made a jaw-dropping three-pointer to upend their beloved Thunder.

The Bird Writes talks to Anthony Davis, Mr. 59/20

The New Orleans' superstar answered questions ranging from his 59-point outburst to recalling one of his favorite memories of Ingrid Williams with a little bit of everything else sprinkled in between.

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Anthony Davis makes everything look so easy

Putting AD's historic performance in perspective

Big man scores 59 points? Just a handful of NBA players are in that club, and they welcome the youngest member in AD.

Watch Anthony Davis score 59 on the Pistons

That's a lot of buckets.

Vote for Anthony Davis with his NBA All-Star emoji

Only one guess as to what it could possibly be. More importantly, use it to vote the Unibrow the MVP!

Anthony Davis poised for a busy All-Star weekend

Davis claims he'll pay homage to Kobe Bryant by feeding him the ball at every opportunity during the All-Star game.

Anthony Davis headed to All-Star Game

Davis is still excellent and the NBA coaches recognized that fact.

Rose Rule & AD's contract mean no tanking for Pels

Discussing why the Pelicans are not going to tank. Thank the NBA CBA and the Derrick Rose Rule.