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Alvin Gentry Coverage

Alvin Gentry, such a likable fellow

Gentry has spent over the majority of his life in the coaching ranks, but today we're only going to give his personal life the due.

The best free agent options for the Pelicans

Between New Orleans' holes last season and the ushering in of a completely different style of play, the Pelicans should be in active in the free agent market. Who should be the targets?

Should Omer Asik stay or go?

Do scenarios exist in which Asik could still factor in successfully for the Pelicans?

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Golden State had mused about an Alvin Gentry offense in New Orleans long before we did

Before the Pelicans were eliminated from the 2015 NBA playoffs, Luke Walton stated their coaching staff had pondered the idea of Gentry's offensive philosophy being utilized in New Orleans. Anthony Davis finding himself amid a sea of a great spacing? Why, that wouldn't be fair!

Which Pelicans will Gentry most positively impact?

Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon or someone else?

Darren Erman, the Pelicans homerun ball

On paper, Alvin Gentry and Darren Erman sounds like a ridiculously good New Orleans pairing. For the long-term, Erman possesses the goods to eventually sit at the helm one day and stay for a very long time.

Defensive credentials of assistant Darren Erman

Dell Demps wants to play with pace, but needed to improve the defense. He found a coach who has built a defense playing fast in Boston.

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Price difference between Alvin Gentry and Fred Hoiberg is substantial

Reasonable people can ask if the difference in dollars colored the decision the Pelicans ultimately made hiring Gentry.

Rating the Alvin Gentry hiring

The Bird Writes grades the Gentry signing on a scale of 1 to 10 and discusses whether he represents a solid chance to take the Pelicans to the next level, as management had promised the next coach would have that capability.

Gentry will assure offense gets to the next level

At this point, New Orleans is primed to make a jump up the statistical standings on at least one side of the ball.

With Gentry aboard, Pelicans next hire is vital

Gentry's name has been linked to a lot of success the last few years, but don't let it mask the fact he is going to need plenty of help fixing New Orleans defense.

Reaction to the Pelicans hiring Alvin Gentry

Most often we write to inform. Tonight, I write to think.

Pelicans name Alvin Gentry head coach

Sources claim Gentry was selected for style -- management wants New Orleans to play at a quicker pace.

Pelicans focused on Gentry and Jeff Van Gundy

Dell Demps appears to be narrowing down his list of choices for the open head coaching vacancy in New Orleans.

Alvin Gentry, one step forward, two steps back

Is he better suited to be a leader or follower? Gentry has a lot of positives, but they probably don't outweigh the negatives.