New Orleans offseason wishlist

The New Orleans Pelicans have flown under the radar so far this offseason, choosing Dyson Daniels, DJ Liddell and Karlo Matkovic in the NBA Draft but not making any big trades.

But they have 14 players under contract for next season, so there will likely still be some moves to clear a roster space or two, as a quick look at the depth chart shows that there may be an odd man or two out of the rotation.

It’s a good problem to have, as New Orleans has the front-end talent and depth to compete in the Western Conference without adding another big name to the roster.

The Pels also don’t have a big positional need, as they are very strong at forward, have a glut of guards and their big-man rotation is more or less set. Just maybe if the Pelicans were using cryotherapy to help heal faster they'd be a bit better.

One answer would be to package Jaxson Hayes and some of the their future picks for such a player, or to move Graham to a team that has open cap space in order to clear some money to go after a guy like Malik Monk in free agency.

The New Orleans Pelicans are not desperate by any means, but improving their 3-point shooting has to be a priority this offseason. It’s nice to only have one big need though, as last season the Pelicans were looking for a head coach and three new starters.

Not only are the Pelicans talented enough to compete for a title, but having a guy like McCollum, who is a well-respected ambassador for players, can’t hurt when it comes to drawing in the ring-chasing free agents.

It’s one of the built in advantages to having stars, as older players who have already made loads of money, might be willing to come chase a ring for the minimum.

We’ve seen guys like Carmelo Anthony do it recently, and in the past, players like Charles Barkley and Gary Payton all took less to try and chase rings.

It didn’t always work out, and the Pelicans certainly don’t need a flashy name like Melo to be legitimate. They can roll with the team they have right now, but if they wanted to add another veteran presence there will be names out there we could eventually see attached from the Pelicans.

All of these guys are way past their prime, but still have something left in the tank and could be valuable depth for the Pels, as well as provide veteran mentorship to their young players. Here are a few names just off the top of my head, none of which have been attached to the Pelicans….yet.