The Pelicans Need Shooters

Defense is great and all, but do you know how you win games? By scoring more than your opponent. What is with the Pelicans' front office's inability to find and secure excellent shooters? Teams the Pels play seem to have fewer problems with offense. Why do teams successfully find their 3-point stroke against the Pelicans? That's been a consistent theme in far too many games this season, even to the point of breaking NBA records. That shouldn't be something the Pelicans are known for: hey, play the Pelicans and break a record! (Thanks for that, David Grubb.)

The current management of the Pels has gotten away from the all-guard be-all mindset of previous management teams. A good NBA team needs great guards, both point and shooting, but under this management, at long last the Pels are not all guards plus a center. However, the fact that the team shoots 40% or below in games is an issue, especially when Zion Williamson routinely shoots 60% or higher. That team shooting percentage shows a whole lot of misses by the rest of the players, enough to drag Z's percentage down by 20 points. I don't know enough math to come up with how that happens.

C'mon, Trajan, Swin, and Griff - pull the trigger on some bona fide shooters. Damn the torpedoes. Target and bullseye shooters in the draft. The way the Pelicans play, they are headed to the lottery again this season -- even after they hit the lottery in Zion. In the NCAA tournament there were plenty of players who shot well under pressure. Get one or two of them.

This was not the season to make a deep playoff run, most basketball realists knew that. But 2021-2022 is where the Pelicans should start making inroads toward a championship. That will only be accomplished by surrounding Zion -- and Brandon, when his toe is straight enough for him to return -- with great scorers, enough scorers to keep teams from doubling Z and BI because there's the threat of scoring from all points.

As an aside: keep it up, Jax! Your shooting stroke looks better every time you get on the floor. Best wishes for complete healing for all our injured birdies; new-to-the-team guys, keep hustling and learning ... GEAUX PELICANS!