3 PG Trades for the Pelicans-Who says no?

1. Kemba for Satoransky -Straight up. Knicks get a bigger more defensive guard for Thibedau and shed a year of Kemba's salary. Pelicans get a good 3 pt shooter who can run an offense and will push Devonte to the bench where he will be more comfortable. Low risk.

2. Terry Rozier for Hart and Hayes, Pelican- Pelicans get their PG of the future (albeit a lot of money on the table) and the Hornets get some salary flexibility, a good wing in Hart and a big they desperately need. (Can't be done until Jan. 30th). High Risk

3. Goran Dragic for Satoransky and Hayes, 2022 2nd Pelicans-Pelicans get a solid PG who can run an offense and the Raptors get Hayes who is a project. The pick may help get this done. Medium Risk

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