Nick Nurse v. Jason Kidd, Fans' perspective

What Raptors Fans Said About Nick Nurse (Titles in Bold, Body Text Unbolded)

1. Not a sexy hire: But have to trust Masai on this one.

2. Not my first choice: But he was my second. Let’s see how it will go. Cautious optimism...

3. Nurse for Casey: Kind of sums up Masai’s decisions as GM for the last 3 years. It’s like he’s too scared to make a move in case it might fail. (Sigh)

4. Why was Casey fired? I thought it was to create change. If your going to disrupt then disrupt. If your gonna fire casey for lack of in game tactics, why hire the same offensive co-ordinater who was supposed to supply those tactics?

5. May not be the exciting name like Stackhouse...

6. interesting: will just have to trust in MU.

Overall: Not a negative reception per se, but definitely mixed.

What Nets Fans Said About Jason Kidd:

1. omg happen already

2. Im speechless with goosebumps: I cant believe he is our head coach

3. One of the greatest Nets becomes the Nets head coach! I Love it!: I think JKidd will surprise a lot of people. He is very basketball savvy. Very sharp. He also has the respect of the players, which means they’ll try harder for him. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Free Agents start seeing the Nets as a very attractive landing spot – playing in New York City, and, playing for Jason Kidd.

4. Yeah!: Ron Swanson giggle gif.

5. Kidd will steer us to the promise land....

6. Championship! There, I said it.

Overall: lol.

Just keep this in mind when the Pels hire their next head coach, whoever it may be. You can't tell in advance who's going to be a good coach.