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Could Zion Williamson become youngest NBA 2K cover athlete, supplanting Chris Paul and Anthony Davis?

There may be additional good news for the New Orleans Pelicans

Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

Zion Williamson may have only 19 professional games under his belt, but that fact doesn’t seem to bother the most popular basketball video game maker.

According to widespread reports — including Williamson’s own social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, the NBA 2K franchise will prominently feature the New Orleans Pelicans famed rookie and he could potentially land on the cover of their next edition, NBA 2K21.

If Zion winds up getting selected as an NBA 2K cover athlete, he would become the youngest player to be bestowed such an exclusive honor.

Chris Paul (NBA 2K8) and Anthony Davis (NBA 2K16) are currently the youngest players to be featured on covers at 22 years of age. Zion Williamson will turn 20 next month.

NBA 2K21 will release this coming fall, with many expecting that date to fall in September based on prior releases.

As for the hype surrounding Sony’s next-gen Playstation 5, it appears valid as the graphics in NBA 2K21 are visually stunning — note all the realistic beads of sweat running down Zion’s face in the following trailer.

One interesting takeaway from this news, the vast majority of athletes who grace the cover in the NBA 2K series wind up seeing their teams advance to the playoffs that same season.

Among the 26 various covers of active players to date, only Allen Iverson (2K4), Kevin Durant (2K15), Anthony Davis (2K16) and LeBron James (2K19) failed to enjoy that distinction. Derrick Rose, who was one of three players featured on NBA 2K13, deserves exclusion from this short list because he tore his ACL a few months before the NBA 2K announcement.

The New Orleans Pelicans remain in the race for the 2020 playoffs, but it’s fun to think their ticket may already be punched for the following season.