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Brandon Ingram gets Most Improved love from ESPN, Dennis Lauscha speaks of post-Covid-19 sports world

And we’ve unearthed a cute quarantine sighting involving the New Orleans Pelicans!!

Miami Heat v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

David Thorpe joined Zach Lowe on today’s edition of The Lowe Post podcast and the duo rattled off their favorites for the 2020 NBA Most Improved Player Award. Not surprisingly, Brandon Ingram made both their lists.

While Thorpe pegs Ingram at #9, stating, “he became a legit scorer, a leader,” Zach Lowe is much higher on Ingram: “I don’t know if he’s going to make my top 3, but he’s a very, very strong candidate to win it outright.”

“24 points a game,” Lowe explains. “Efficient shooting from three, which had been a weak spot for him. Every stat is up...39% from three — that’s really good. By the way, more impressive, on six attempts a game. He’s never attempted more than 2.5 before in any season so that’s not fake, selective shooting.”

In addition to the statistics, Lowe highlighted how well Ingram and Zion Williamson quickly meshed together on the floor.

“I thought his integration with Zion was so smooth, and I didn’t necessarily think it was going to go that way because their starting lineup with Zion, Favors, Lonzo and Ingram is a little light on outside shooting, at least based on their track records before this season for Lonzo and Ingram. And Ingram still scored pretty well. Took a slight step back in usage. Found a nice kind of entry pass chemistry and all that stuff with Zion.”


Dennis Lauscha, who has served as President of New Orleans Pelicans and Saints since 2012, joined Daniel Sallerson on the latest Pelicans Podcast, and he briefed listeners on the current state of affairs with the business side of New Orleans two professional franchises. In particular, I found Lauscha’s discussion of a post-Covid-19 world enlightening.

“We don’t know what the future is going to look like, but it sure could be somewhat different than what we see today,” Lauscha said. “Particularly on the NBA side, the league has started a small committee to start analyzing what that may be. We serve on that committee and we have a role on that committee, and a big group in our organization are really focused on when we come out of this, how will that game day experience – how would it be perhaps a little different? We’re trying to stay in front of that, whether that’s perhaps we change the way we consume our concessions. There might be some change in the way of tickets – maybe we go to a ticketless environment. There’s a handful of other things as well. We’re focused on that, and we’re working on that now, and we’ll be prepared for it.”

For more from Lauscha’s interview, please hit the link below.


Last but certainly not least, enjoy the following heartwarming quarantine short video. Watch how this adorable little girl tries to recite the Pelicans through flashcards — and don’t miss the amendment she makes to Lonzo Ball’s name!

Continue to stay safe and be well, everyone!