Life Without Sports

Sad and sorry am I

I'm sure that I won't die

But there's a huge hole in my heart

Now that live sports and I are apart

What is there to do?

I assure you, I haven't a clue

A tiny bug has us all disheveled

COVID-19, you are the Devil!

Disclaimer: I'm one of those nonbelievers--you know, one who compares and contrasts the number of deaths from the flu in the U.S. from Oct. 1, 2019, to March 13 2020 (estimated up to 55,000, to the number of deaths from Coronavirus (of just over 1,600 cases reported to the CDC, 41 ( and wonder, "What the wha...?"

I feel sorry for anyone who gets sick, truly I do. I'm hopeful that this panic passes quickly. If you look at the facts, relatively very few deaths; disproportionately affects the elderly, mostly people with pre-existing conditions; and the majority of people who have contracted Coronavirus are still alive and many display no symptoms. You look at certain news outlets and have to wonder if bubonic plague has returned. Schools are closed and working parents have to hustle to find childcare. Gatherings of more than 250 people are prohibited. There are hurricane-like runs on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, water, and other "critical" (?) supplies. And all the businesses auxiliary to sports venues suffer: no work means no income for hourly employees, but shoutout "real good" on those places who have enough financial reserves or donations to pay their employees anyway. Unfortunately, every employer can't do dat.

This is indeed March Madness!

And there are no sports anywhere to distract sports fans and spring tournament-only viewers. Well, there's NASCAR. Not my speed. And I think some hockey somewhere was played. Not for me.

May those directly affected heal physically, financially, and in whatever other way is needed. May those indirectly affected think positive thoughts, pray for others, and have patience. Meanwhile, we wait for more calm, more sensible times, and the return of live sports. Game reruns just don't cut it. But there's always Hallmark movies.

DEATH TO COVID-19 (and all viruses)!