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Derrick Favors should inspire the masses

We need to talk about that ill-fated three-point attempt against the Portland Trail Blazers.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Chicago Bulls Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Favors is many things. He’s an anchor in the middle defensively, is one of the better finishers after rolling to the basket in pick-and-roll situations and, now that he is finally healthy, has been one of the biggest reasons for New Orleans’ resurgence.

He is not, however, a three-point specialist.

Towards the end of the first half of New Orleans 128-115 win over the Portland Trail Blazers, Zion Williamson was in a bind. Williamson received a pass from Brandon Ingram with less than 40 seconds on the clock. Portland’s Caleb Swanigan was draped all over Zion’s back, but Williamson found Favors retreating to the corner. Zion found the open, umm “shooter” and Favors...well, he definitely gave it a try.

Look shooters shoot, I get it. But! Maybe don’t shoot if it ends up looking like the famed Carlton shot from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Make no mistake, I respect the hell out of Favors shooting that shot. And it’s not like Favors has never made a three before. He’s made 36 threes for his career on 173 (!!!) attempts. Favors has even knocked down a three this season, hitting one against the Clippers on November 14.

Did you know Favors has shot six threes this season? There was that one Friday night, the make against the Clippers, and he attempted a three against Houston on October 26, Denver on Christmas, the Lakers on January 3 and Milwaukee February 4. In fact, he’s shot as many threes this year as Ben Simmons.

What I’m saying is we could all learn something from Derrick Favors. May we all possess the confidence he has. Quit that job, tell that person you’ve never told you love them, build a very poor excuse for a ramp and try and vault over something. But whatever you do, do it like Derrick Favors would: with absolute, supreme (probably questionable) confidence.