Pelican Player Grades

5 point Grading System

5 = Far Exceeded the Expected

4 = Exceeded Expectations

3 = Expected Performance

2 = Less than Expected

1 = Out Injured

Bonus + .5 for 99% Effort When Playing

N Alex-Walker (2) Coach decision to not play him much and given a quick hook for any mistake. Obliviously not a coaches favorite.

Lonzo Ball (3) Has shot the ball better but not as good defensively as expected.

D Favors (3) Started slow but improved.

Josh Hart (4.5) Has performed better than expected and gives great effort on both sides of the ball.

Jaxson Hayes (4) Thought he was 3-4 years away. Has received more playing time than expected. Has GREAT hands for a big man.

Jrue Holiday (2.5) Jrue seems to be pressing to be more than an All Star player. Making too many bad decisions and taking way too many bad shots.

Brandon Ingram (4.5) I expected a good player if healthy but Lil Durant has been better, consistent, and gives effort on offense and defense.

Frank Jackson (3.5) Inconsistent PT but plays hard when called upon.

Nico Melli (3) Didn't know what to expect but he seems to be improving as the season progresses.

D Miller (1) out Injured

E Moore (3) Has shot the ball well but also seems to be forcing some shots 1 on 1. Maybe because of less playing time

J Okafor (3) Inconsistent playing time. Wish he was more physical. Don't think the Pels have a mean bone in their collective bodies.

JJ Redick (3.25) Surprised acquisition has played well after a slow start. Like that he has the ears of the younger players.

K Williams (2) Has not played well when healthy.

Zion Williamson (3) I expected probably more than most coming into the season. I figured averaging 24 points, 12 rebounds, and 5 assist. And I think he has shown to be that type of player. Considering he is probably not 100 % healthy and not really in great basketball shape he probably even better.

For clarity sakes please understand that I am not ranking the players, just what I expected before the start of the season and their performance since then. For Example, Jrue is one of my favorite players because he plays so hard all the time. But to be honest his performance has not been what I expected. Just regular Jrue will be enough for the Pels to win more than they lose.