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New Orleans Pelicans Head Coaching Search: In addition to Stan Van Gundy, keep tabs on Wes Unseld Jr., Darvin Ham and Will Weaver

Joel Meyers mentioned all four names on NBA radio yesterday

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Joel Meyers joined Tom Byrne and Brad Daugherty on No Look Pass yesterday on SiriusXM NBA Radio and dropped several hints regarding the New Orleans Pelicans head coaching search.

“And I’ll bring up Stan Van Gundy — because there’s so much speculation in New Orleans about Stan — that took a team to the NBA Finals,” Meyers said. “Now here are the three guys this former GM told me last week that have not only interviewed well but are really good coaches — really bright, sharp guys: Wes Unseld Jr., Darvin Ham and Will Weaver.”

Meyers didn’t specifically say that all of these names are high on the Pelicans radar, but considering SVG and Weaver have been connected often to New Orleans of late, it makes sense to keep all four names in the back of your mind.

Additionally, New Orleans beloved play-by-play announcer commented on how well the candidates looking to become first-time head coaches have interviewed across the league at several of the vacancy locales over the past few weeks.

Meyers added that he believes there’s a good chance David Griffin may announce a decision on the Pelicans next head coach between now and the first of next week.

He then proceeded to double down on his list again.

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“I don’t think there is any question that some of those guys that I brought up like Wes Unseld Jr. — somebody told me he’s really ahead of the curve, really bright and sharp — and then Darvin Ham. I brought up Will Weaver. And then I don’t think there’s any doubt there's been conversations with Stan Van Gundy to find out if they’re on the same page.”

Meyers wrapped up his thoughts on New Orleans’ vacancy by talking about the importance of a team’s head of basketball ops and head coach being on the same page. The most success teams usually exhibit this characteristic and Meyers tossed out a couple of fantastic tandems: Erik Spoelstra/Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich/R.C. Buford.

Who will Griffin join forces with? Fingers crossed we’re less than a week away from learning the identity of the next head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans.

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