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New Orleans Pelicans unveil catchy and quite fitting motto: Won’t Bow Down

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Jrue, Zion, Zo, BI, and many more — Let’s go!!!

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

General manager David Griffin made it official today. The New Orleans Pelicans will open the upcoming season proudly displaying a new motto: Won’t Bow Down.

In the short video clip, the message should be abundantly clear. The city of New Orleans has a rich history and an enduring spirit — and the Pelicans are going to attempt to mimic that toughness through their style of play this upcoming season.

“800 years of ghosts and storms does a funny thing to a town. New Orleans just doesn’t get scared. Yeah, we know who you are. We might even know your name. But here’s a little piece of advice: You might want to remember ours.”

“Welcome to New Orleans. It’s not going to be easy for you.”

Not bad, right?!

Also, did you catch Jrue Holiday splashing a three-pointer in the face of the former Los Angeles Lakers Brandon Ingram towards the end of the video clip?

Felicitous, wouldn’t you say?

As avid fans know, the Pelicans have endured a lot of heartache in the past. Last season, a particular trade request took the disappointment to another level though. Not only did one of the best players in the league badly want to leave town with a year and a half left on his contract, another team really tightened the screws to try and force the issue before the last trade deadline.

Well, the Lakers finally got their man in Anthony Davis over the summer, but the Pelicans were able to position themselves incredibly well for the future through the draft, free agency and one gigantic trade that’s going to add value for years to come.

New Orleans is not your typical rebuilding team. With the wealth of the talent acquired, ranging from Jrue Holiday to Zion Williamson to Lonzo Ball to the rest of the guys on this surprisingly stacked roster, the competition isn’t going to manhandle the Pelicans like some perennial cellar dweller. Rather, the rest of the NBA could be headed for a rude awakening.