2019-2020 Pre-season Thoughts from a Fan

We are teetering on the brink of history, New Orleans.

With the beginning of training camp starting up, I can almost taste the preseason. Summer league didn't do it for me. I want, need more. This offseason has proved to be the genesis of something new. New organization structure, new trainers, new coaches, new stars. I can't think of a similar rejuvenation for professional basketball in New Orleans since the Jazz started playing games in the Loyola Field House. Even the total rebranding to the Pelicans left more to be desired.

Young players, experienced vets, and city-loved heroes will suit up this year for -what could be argued- a brand new franchise. It's like hearing the final bell of the school year before summer break. All the possibilities and optimism was well earned. We can finally have fun and be happy again.

I am sorry for asking if tanking last season was an idea that should be taken seriously. Being competitive is what makes New Orleans sports so loved. I got a lot of hate for that.

BUT WHO CARES??? ZION! ZION! ZION! Sweet baby rays, we got ZION!

Even that pickup alone would be enough for this city to look into the future with hope. But, with everything lined up as it did, I can't think of anything but pure bliss toward what's to come. It'll take time, sure. The west is stacked, again. We're young and inexperienced, duh. But, our defense will be suffocating. We have time to learn and build that family chemistry DG has been speaking into existence. We are in no rush for anything. Hell, you can't rush a good roux. All I know is this will be the first season I will have a relaxed smile on my face. I trust Griffin. I hope we all do.

We're comin'. And we ain't backin' down.

PS what the hell does WBD mean? Did I miss a hashtag or instagram post? I don't like being out of the loop.