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RJ Barrett excited by potential prospect of playing alongside Zion Williamson for New Orleans Pelicans

If Anthony Davis gets traded to New York Knicks for the third overall pick of the 2019 NBA Draft, Barrett and Zion Williamson could be teammates again.

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After shedding light on the importance of the Toronto Raptors playing in the NBA Finals for fellow Canadians and mentioning some advice passed down by his godfather Steve Nash, RJ Barrett claimed on ESPN’s The Jump today that he would be excited to play for either the New York Knicks or New Orleans Pelicans.

“We’re pretty sure we know where your old teammate’s going to get drafted by,” said Rachel Nichols. “Zion Williamson is going to wind up a New Orleans Pelican. So there are expectations of, hey, if they get in the position where they do need to trade Anthony Davis — and David Griffin has said he doesn’t want to trade Anthony Davis, but it sounds as if he’s at least listening to offers for Anthony Davis, one of those offers could come from the New York Knicks. It could involve that number three pick. And there’s certainly a possibility you could either get drafted by the New York Knicks — which would be insane in of itself — or you could get traded either before the draft or 30 days after it to go play with your former teammate in New Orleans.”

After Vince Carter took a quick moment to sarcastically welcome Barrett to the league, Barrett responded to Nichols, “I mean, I’ll be happy either way. The dream was to just play in the NBA, never what team. I’m just excited to get there.”

How excited would you be to see both of these rookies play for the New Orleans Pelicans next season? Do you think they would make for a good fit together and alongside Jrue Holiday? We can probably guess that Kentucky South would morph into Duke South overnight, with Jahlil Okafor and Frank Jackson also expected to be on the roster come September.