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2019 NBA Draft: New Orleans Pelicans select Didi Louzada Silva with the 35th overall pick

The New Orleans Pelicans went international in the second round, selecting Marcos Louzada Silva with the 35th pick. Silva, affectionately known as “Didi”, is a 6’5” wing from Brazil. He shot over 42% behind the arc last season and feels like a strong draft and stash candidate at only 19 years old.

Peachtree Hoops did a superb outline of Silva that I highly recommend you checking out. Mike Schmitz of ESPN (and formerly Draft Express) described him as the Brazilian Josh Hart and a tough-nosed defender.

If it feels like Marcos Louzada Silva is two years away, that’s probably the correct outlook especially given the Pelicans currently having 13 players under contact (including their three first round picks) and over $30 million in cap space to use beginning June 30th. David Griffin and Trajan Langdon are looking long term with a high second round pick like this being used on a probable draft and stash. There’s still one more pick to go.