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The Zion Williamson era officially takes flight with his first Pelicans jersey

This isn’t a joke! Time to get your first Zion merch!


The wait is finally over — Zion Williamson has officially been drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans!!

Make no mistake, fans living in big markets were right to lash out in jealous rage when their team of choice failed to get the inside track for Duke’s most coveted Blue Devil. College basketball’s latest sensation is so unique, so special — and to boot he appears to possess the kindest of souls — I’ll honestly be a little surprised if he doesn’t wind up New Orleans greatest professional athlete when all is said and done.

Maybe even the city’s favorite.

(Sorry Drew Brees fans, but the basketball brethren living amongst you are genuinely that excited by today’s news!)

The first Zion Williamson Pelicans Nike jersey has dropped!

Note: Since this is a special event item, the Zion jersey will ship within 2-4 weeks after he has officially signed his contract and his number has been assigned.

Zion Williamson Nike Swingman Jersey for $109,99

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That’s a Haul Folks! T-shirt for $28

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