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Celebrate the beginning of a new era with BreakingT’s “That’s a Haul Folks!” T-shirt

Lonzo, Hart, Brandon Ingram, and the No. 4 pick are coming to Nola! Let’s get the party started with a new T-shirt!


Over the weekend, the New Orleans Pelicans agreed to trade Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers. The deal will be made official sometime in July (expect the 6th), but that doesn’t mean the fun can’t start now.

This is certainly made truer when you consider the fact that the previous face of the franchise thought it was appropriate to attend the final game of the 2018-19 regular season in a shirt reading “That’s All Folks!”

Hehe, I’m not sure if he temporarily forgot in which city he was living or what, but no one can out-petty New Orleans! It’s been written in the streets that we always get the last laugh!! And look, ammunition already exists!!!

Many feel David Griffin hustled Rob Pelinka, prying more assets than he should have when considering the lack of competing offers from other teams. What a haul! Or perhaps when thinking about a more proper send off, how about “That’s a Haul Folks!”

If you think that has a nice ring to it, check out this new T-Shirt issued by BreakingT!

That’s a Haul Folks! T-shirt for $28