Whats Next for the Pels

I honestly hope they arent over aggressive. Dont repeat the cycle they did with early AD, wasting capital trying to build a team immediately.

I hope they don't trade the #4 and a piece for Beal. For one i think he is a poor fit, as he would likely play sg moving Holiday back to the PG role which he doesn't do well.

There aren't very many "size-able contract" players that i see helping us more then hurting. Other then the heat, most of the dominating teams were built thru the draft. The spurs big 3 were all drafted, the gs big 3 were also. OKC didnt win any championships, but were a dominant force with their draft picks.

There are teams like Houston that likely destroyed their future more then they helped

Then there is teams like Dallas who squeezed in a ring by making smart signings, nothing over the top.

With GS being weakened this yr, uncertainty in LA, and houston likely to make more drastic moves...... we could be the smart team.

Quantity of Quality over Superstar. Sure, Jrue aint Leonard, but he is very Leonard like in the way he carries himself on the court. Plays both ends of the ball, gives it everything and leads by example. Maybe Jackson is ready to be VanFLeet off the bench for us. Him working out with Jrue gives me hope. Can Zion be Sikamish in season 1?

Assuming a healthy Ingram and Ball and no shipping them off, we are in good position assuming we fill a few places of need. I would rather us re-sign Randle who is still developing then to trade assets to get someone around his level. Okafor was cool, but I'd love to see as convince Tyson Chandler to return for a yr or 2.

Lets look at the big picture there - He has a ring, his career really took off in NO, he has experience with all the Lakers we just acquired, and fills a role we need... a true C who protects the Rim and rebounds. We only need him for 15-20 mins a game. We already know the NBA has gotten smaller, so Zion will get mins a C with his weight. But having a Chandler would allow us to reduce the mins he has to play against a 4-8 inches taller then him.

PG - Ball and Jackson as our true PGs.... but like the Lakers did (and they actually performed well when they did) I'd like to see Ingram get some mins at that role also. This allows us to not have to shop for another PG. Ideally i'd like to see Elfrid Payton back and maybe he will stay at home.

SG - Jrue - with Ingram taking some mins here also and Moore being able to play more SG mins then SF finally

SF - Ingram starting - and our top draft pick filling these mins (Moore in a pintch)

PF/C - again ideally for me would be Randle, Zion, Chandler, Okafor, Wood

This is why i think re-signing Randle is big... take him out the picture and we def need to find another Randle level big. Ignoring the health concern among several players, alot also rides on Jacksons development. Ball is our starting PG, but we def need a starting level contingency plan, and i still believe for the money Payton may still be our best option (assuming his health is fine). If not bring in a Seth Curry type - we need shooters.

Target players that can seamlessly play 2 positions. SG/SF and SF/PF especially. Emphasis on the 3-D.

I like Aaron gordon as the other post mentioned, but it gives us another undersized big. The main thing i liked about the trade was it allowing us to ship off Hill. Houston may be shopping off Tucker and Gordon...maybe they would rather 1 yr of his salary then 2 yrs of both of theirs. Not sure if any of the trade exceptions we have would make that possible. Allow us to get rid of Hill without having to give away assets.