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Compared to some of NBA’s blue bloods, New Orleans Pelicans future offers plenty of hope and excitement

The Birdcalls Podcast, Episode 175: A focus on Anthony Davis, the 2019 NBA Draft and everything in between that’s a topic of conversation.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans-Press Conference Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With Preston too busy scheming his way to the top at Disney, the rest of us decided it was high time to get together for a podcast. After touching on the NBA playoffs, we delve into various topics regarding the New Orleans Pelicans head first.

The lottery is just days away and David Griffin and Alvin Gentry will represent the organization on May 14th. If given the chance to pick another face or two though, who would you have attend the proceedings? Some of our answers include Gayle Benson, King Cake Baby and Jrue Holiday’s young daughter.

Next, we focus on Anthony Davis, listing our odds of him changing his mind and wanting to stay with the Pelicans. In addition, David Fisher goes into detail about his latest article, one that has him trading AD to the Boston Celtics as well as landing Ja Morant in the draft and signing free agent Tobias Harris.

Wondering about David Griffin’s next hire within the front office? While it’s unlikely the Pelicans make a big splash and lure Trajan Langdon or another flashy up and comer, Griffin will fill out the remaining open positions below him with quality candidates. Two names to remember: Anthony Leotti and Nick U’Ren.

We also discuss when we can expect New Orleans to return to the playoffs, the likelihood of the team scoring a big time free agent — especially in light of the Griffin and Aaron Nelson hires, and of course: the upcoming NBA Draft. If the Pelicans move up in the 2019 Draft thanks to a favorable lottery outcome, the selections are clear as day. Zion Williamson will go first, Ja Morant, in all likelihood, second, and RJ Barrett, third. Thus, it’s more important to touch on if the team stays at its current position of seventh or drops a spot or two. We list some guys we’re high on, but also mention a few players that we hope to see New Orleans avoid.

Hope everyone enjoys this rather long 84+ minute episode from David Grubb, David Fisher, Kevin Barrios and myself, but I promise it’s worth the listen. And thanks to everyone who issued questions on Twitter. We weren’t able to get to all of them, but we’ll try to do so in the near future.

Geaux Pels!