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2019 NBA Trade Deadline: New Orleans Pelicans would be smart to hang onto Jrue Holiday

Beloved player, rare competitor and incredible family man — what’s there not to love!

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Pelicans consider moving Jrue Holiday by the trade deadline? If not, what kind of offer would change your mind?

Preston: I’d love to hold onto Jrue. However, if the Pelicans plan to go into a full rebuild with a package like the one being offered from NYK, or an army of picks from LAL, it makes sense to trade him for a future replacement, say a package of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, filler and future picks.

Kevin: No. Jrue is the perfect holdover borderline star to usher in a new era. He’s great working with younger players — see the summer of Frank. He’s become a great one-on-one scorer, and his defensive efforts should be the foundation from which this new era is built. He’s young enough and so committed to conditioning that he should still be playing at a high level even if he has to wait a few years for his teammates to peak. Also, New Orleans deserves someone to cheer for and the city is aligning itself to Holiday.

It’s hard to imagine a realistic offer for Holiday that would make me willing to move him — so I’ll wait and read everyone else’s to see if I get swayed.

Charlie: No, I don’t think they should. I fully believe this is a good roster at the top when healthy and engaged, and recent returns indicate that the primary issue this season may have been engagement. The fire and energy this understaffed Pels roster has played with recently is exhilarating and only deepens my resolve that Jrue be kept in New Orleans — as long as that’s his wish too.

A bowl me over offer would have to come along the lines of a talented young player either ending their rookie deal or beginning their second contract. Miles Bridges, Malik Monk, salary filler and two 2nds would be the kind of offer I’d pursue that would put Jrue somewhere competitive and give the Pels a solid return.

Travis: Nope. I like Jrue and want him to stay. He’s a great piece to fully pass on the reins. Some special offer might be out there, but again, I want guys who can play now, and why would I want anyone else other than the man himself?! Leave Jrue alone!

Mike: To not consider what value one’s assets have around the rest of their league under these circumstances would be irresponsible. However, I think it would be best if Jrue remained on the roster. He’s shown a commitment to the team over the years through both his signing of his most recent contract and his impassioned performances on the court, especially since Davis’ request, that will help ease the way forward for Pelicans fans. A veteran presence like Jrue who can supplement his experience with on-court production has been missing from many rebuilding projects in the NBA over the years, and it could go a long way towards transitioning the team quickly and more seamlessly into a new era.

David Grubb: Of course the Pelicans should consider it. But ultimately it depends on what the vision of the franchise is. If the intent is to tear everything down and rebuild, then trade Jrue. If they expect to turn this around quickly, then they have time to make their attempt to do so and still be able to move Jrue should the right deal come along. A player of Holiday’s caliber should fetch a starting caliber talent and a first round pick.

David Fisher: The return for Jrue Holiday is significant enough that the leadership that comes after this one should be making the call on his future. Sure, Dell Demps can trade away expiring contracts like Nikola Mirotic or Julius Randle. What you should get back in a Jrue Holiday trade shapes the franchise too dramatically to be handled by a front office that may be on its last legs.

Oleh: Nope, no way. I’ve been driving the Jrue Holiday bandwagon since he arrived in New Orleans, and my fondness for his abilities and intangibles has grown exponentially since then. But any personal bias aside, it’s not enough to win with offensive talent alone in this league — ahem, how about those New Orleans Pelicans earlier this season! Holiday’s never-quit attitude and defensive effort would be essential on a hopefully quick rebuilding team. Jrue would make for the perfect model for all of the incoming talent. Young guys need to be molded, and if even just a few of the guys take to Holiday like Frank Jackson did, that would be a huge net positive.