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2019 NBA Trade Deadline: Hunting for future assets in deals for Julius Randle and E’Twaun Moore

Second round picks are the hopeful returns for these two New Orleans Pelicans.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle and E’Twaun Moore are also reportedly on the trade block for the New Orleans Pelicans. Name your destination and ideal trade.

Preston: Randle for Markelle Fultz seems simple enough. Fultz is only guaranteed for one more season, then the Pels have a club option. Take a flyer. Otherwise, Meyers Leonard and a first could make sense.

Moore for Fultz again. Or, Tony Snell and ask for an accompanying first.

Kevin: I don’t think Julius has crazy value. As I mentioned in the Mirotic trade question, I’d try to send him to Philly with Darius Miller for Markelle Fultz. Other than Philly, the only team that he may make sense for are Denver for Barton, but the Pelicans may need to add a 2nd to make that happen. It does help both teams because it clears some cap space and clutter on the wing for the Nuggets while giving them some more front court help — as Paul Milsap hasn’t been himself (though he’s still pretty good) — and they are playing Mason Plumlee way too much.

For the Pelicans, Barton would give them another wing on Jrue’s timeline that can do a lot of things — his value to the Pelicans depends on how the team is shaped by the Davis trade. Still, his contract could be flipped next season should he not fit with the forthcoming haul. Other than those two teams, I don’t see a lot of demand for Julius right now.

E’Twaun could be a good get for the Kings. I’ve previously proposed Moore for Willie Cauley-Stein and this may be my favorite move that I see out there — it gives Sacramento another playable veteran that could create space for Fox to drive. Moving WCS also opens up more playing time for Bagley, Skal and Giles. Moore for Sefolosha and a couple of 2nds makes sense for Utah and NO. Avery Bradley has been terrible for the Clippers — the Pelicans could possibly net a 1st or a few 2nds in a swap of Moore and Bradley. I don’t think that Philly would give up Fultz for Moore, but perhaps Furkan Korkmaz and Mike Muscala’s expiring would be worth a more reliable bench option for Philly. With Oladipo injured, Moore could become a desirable option for Indiana, a 2nd, the hardly used Kyle O’Quinn and Alize Johnson could work. Even with Portland acquiring Rodney Hood they could still be looking for more help. By sending either Mo Harkless or Meyers Leonard to the Pelicans with a heavily protected 1st or multiple 2nds they Pels could be inclined to take on some additional salary — not that much though — with either contract expiring next season.

Charlie: Oof this is tougher. E’Twaun I feel would be helpful in Philadelphia who’s already mentioned a need for depth and clearly has holes at guard. It might sound crazy, but offering Moore and a future 2nd Round pick for Markelle Fultz makes some sense for both teams.

As for Randle, I don’t see a lot of value for the rest of the league since he primarily functions as a scorer rebounder that you want going at second units. He might fit well in Dallas though given they recently traded DeAndre Jordan for Kristaps Porzingis and it’s been made known the Unicorn will be out the rest of the season still. Flipping Randle for two future 2nd round picks and Courtney Lee would also give the Pelicans an established wing whose deal expires next season along with the future picks.

Travis: Julius Randle: I’d love to get James Johnson back in a deal with Miami, if they want off future money. E’Twaun feels more like a Spur or Timberwolf, so I’ll take Davis Bertans off San Antonio, and maybe some future draft selections from Minnesota, who owns a bunch of their own picks in future years.

David Grubb: With Randle’s contract situation, he could be had for a second round pick. The sooner he’s off the roster the better. As far as Moore goes, I think Philadelphia would be a great destination for him. Markelle Fultz would be a solid return in my opinion. If his shoulder issues can be resolved, the Pelicans get a former number one overall pick with something to prove without the burden of expectations he has with the Sixers.

David Fisher: Julius Randle can be sent anywhere for any non-negative return. Matching expiring salary and a late second round pick and cash sounds fine. E’Twaun Moore is more difficult, but I think a number of teams with legitimate title aspirations (non-Golden State division) would love Moore as their seventh man. A better second round pick than whatever returns for Randle is appropriate.

Oleh: I would try to move Julius Randle to Denver for their second rounder (currently 38th overall), but if that’s a no-go, call Washington and ask for Devin Robinson, who is on a two-way contract. After watching this Wizard impress during the last Summer League, I’ve been itching to find a way for the Pelicans to land the springy forward. To make salaries match, Washington could send the expiring contract of Markieff Morris back and he would be reunited by Alvin Gentry, his former coach, for at least the rest of this season.

E’Twaun Moore, a New Orleans fan favorite, would fit well in Philly or Detroit. Both teams are desperate to add more outside shooting and each possesses useful second round picks.