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Anthony Davis issues preferred trade list but deal not close between New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers

Monday is proving to be a fluffy day!

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Just a few days ago, Anthony Davis stood before gathered media inside the Pelicans practice facility for the first since his trade request had gone public and said that neither he nor his representation, Klutch Sports, had given the New Orleans front office a preferred trade list.

My how quickly things change after the Los Angeles Lakers did not move any closer of pairing Davis alongside LeBron James over the weekend.

The most interesting thing is, this list of teams appears to be deceptive in nature.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted a short while ago that the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers have yet to make any offers and the Bucks haven’t even inquired about making a deal. And when you examine the rosters of these two teams, it’s nearly impossible to find a plausible trade considering the Pelicans checklist and the composition of the Bucks and Clippers.

Nah, as Mason alludes to, it’s more than likely that these two destinations were added simply for show. Anthony Davis’ camp knows the Bucks and Clippers are not in position to make a serious bid, but since they needed to change the perception around the league — Lakers or bust — they chose two teams with winning records out of thin air and are attempting to create some new, fake reality that maybe doesn’t give the appearance of being an all-out effort of getting AD out to L.A. before the deadline!

Soon after Wojnarowski fired off these tweets, he appeared on a special SportsCenter edition this afternoon and made the following statement.

Doesn’t this entirely go against the idea that significant ground has been made as this tweet from Woj a little earlier seems to signal?

In reality, there is no imminent deal between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans regarding Anthony Davis. There’s not even the possibility of a deal yet.

It’s all just fluff.


(Continue to hold your ground, Dell Demps and the rest of the Pelicans franchise.)