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New Orleans Pelicans waive Tim Frazier, engaged in serious discussions to add Dairis Bertans

A deal sounds imminent for a European sharpshooter.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at New Orleans Pelicans Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Minutes after the New Orleans Pelicans were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers by a final score of 125-119, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski announced the team was moving on from Tim Frazier on Twitter. Moments later, Woj revealed the reasoning for the decision in waiving the team’s backup point guard and Anthony Davis’ best friend on the team.

At first glance, the potential signing shows a little promise. Dairis Bertans is the brother of a legitimate NBA player and this older sibling has made more than half of his three-point shots this season for a team in Italy — one can never have enough shooting!

Upon digging a little deeper though, Bertans is 29 years old, stands 6’4 and hasn’t been relevant within NBA circles for some time. His last direct connection to the league was during the 2014 Summer League when he appeared in five games for the San Antonio Spurs. Prior to that, a slew of other teams once showed interest (Dallas, Philly, Toronto and Boston), but nothing ever amounted to more than a handful of minutes in exhibition play.

In looking through his career statistics, Dairis’ minutes in Europe have been steadily trending downwards since a 26.5 average during the 2014-15 season. Back when he was 20 years old, DraftExpress seemingly nailed his outlook: “Bertans should be able to forge himself a nice career in Europe, although maybe not at the very highest level.”

Dairis hasn’t suited up in an NBA uniform in almost five years, but if the Danny Ferry-led front office has a good hunch, Bertans passes his physical and receives his letter of clearance from FIBA, we should be willing to see where this train goes on what could either be a 10-day contract or a rest of the season deal plus a team option for 2019-20. The Pelicans have essentially another quarter of the season schedule to play, and Tim Frazier was not going to be a part of the future in any scenario, so why not kick the tires on a humble sharpshooter.

“It made us appreciate things, made us appreciate that nothing is given to you, that you have to earn everything with your hard work,” said Dairis in an interview on behalf of his brother. “And it’s helped us stay laid-back guys. We are not trying to impress anyone with the things we have.”

If the Pelicans officially sign Dairis Bertans to a contract soon, lets hope his game decides to impress by doing all of the talking.