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Anthony Davis confirms preferred trade list, adds Boston Celtics and then says all 29 other teams are in running

AD out here changing his tune more than a politician now.

NBA: All Star-Media Day Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis just can’t help himself, apparently.

A series of calculated events by he and his representation were supposed to result in Davis joining the Los Angeles Lakers before the trade deadline, but that story is now fast becoming just a mishmash of groan-inducing falsities.

Davis and Rich Paul, his Klutch Sports agent, reportedly leaked a list of preferred destinations to several outlets soon after he denied anything of the sort would be issued during his first media session after the initial trade request was made.

Now during the All-Star weekend festivities, Davis confirms the list was true (Bucks, Clippers, Knicks, Lakers), and then promptly goes on to claim that the Celtics are also on the list. Moreover, he has no desired expectation as to where the Pelicans trade him, nor has he given any at any time!

So, who is driving this crazy narrative that keeps flipping on a dime? Are we to expect Davis’ representatives are not acting on behalf of one of the most lucrative athletes in the NBA, or more likely, are we witnessing some really amateur hour stuff?

Either way, come on...


It’s one thing to make changes to a list following the trade deadline because the parameters have changed somewhat, but then minutes later to make a claim that all 29 teams are suddenly on your list?

When winning is a priority???

Sorry, but it’s impossible to believe that Davis will be truthful and forthcoming with his real intentions for this summer and in the future ever again. If you’ve followed his situation closely, this wasn’t the first time he’s been caught in a sticky web so don’t expect it to be his last.

Consequently, the Pelicans and the rest of the NBA would be wise not to listen to the words he or his camp utters in the foreseeable future. After all, every action Davis has taken, every word that he has uttered since hiring Rich Paul seems to now convey he never wanted to make it work in Nola in 2018-19 — regardless of what he says.

With today’s very public comments, he can soak in all the national attention in a much more conducive setting to his ultimate goals. Instead of focusing on his uncomfortable departure from New Orleans to one team, he can kick back in that recliner as the other All-Stars offer their best overtures.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Davis scores 80 points on Sunday night, while Lebron racks up to his assist count to 40. Place your bets! (Courtesy of

We already know about AD’s connections to Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo. But what about Kevin Durant and meeting him in New York? Klay Thompson? Kemba Walker? There’s no telling what Davis and his camp could be plotting at this point, and there’s no guarantee that any team other than his “preferred” destinations have any shot at locking him up for the long term.

The only thing we do know for sure is that Anthony Davis can’t be taken at his word, at least publicly, moving forward, Right now, I trust the words delivered by Shams or Woj more than anything he says when there’s a microphone in his face.