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Game 7: New Orleans Pelicans get Derrick Favors back for matchup against Brooklyn Nets

Brandon Ingram is ready to go too!

Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The New Orleans Pelicans announced minutes before their tip against the Brooklyn Nets that Brandon Ingram is back in the starting lineup after leaving the game early against the OKC Thunder with a head injury and Derrick Favors is available to play.

While Alvin Gentry will start Jahlil Okafor at center, it’s good news nonetheless to have Favors back in the fold. The Pelicans defense has oft struggled mightily so having a rim protector of Favors caliber could provide immediate dividends — that’s of course if he’s healthier than when we last saw him.

For more on this game against the Nets, please read through Chris’ preview. In addition, be sure to catch my latest article which details hope sits on the horizon for Jrue Holiday and his early season struggles.

Where To Watch/Listen

What: New Orleans Pelicans (1-5) at Brooklyn Nets (2-4)

Where: Barclays Center

When: Monday, November 4, 2019. 6:30 PM CDT