I think with the Pelicans struggling in the standings, a focus should be put on consolidating some assets to provide flexibility long term.

some teams in the East that should be doing poorly enough by the trade deadline for even a productive Ingram not to ruin their pick. This would likely include Washington and Charlotte. Washington should be content with Kenrich Williams with Bertans coming back to near Ingram's salary.

For Charlotte, it would look like Ingram and Favors for Batum and Charlotte 2020 unprotected.

But that pick could be better obtained in a J'Rue Holiday trade at draft time. Something like Holiday, Melli, Hart, and Williams for Batum, Rozier, and Charlotte top 5 pick.

Of course there are also permutations with Holiday going elsewhere. Having three top 10 picks would allow for selection of LaMelo and then having Rozier, Hayes, and Nick available as salary to get a superstar with the other two high picks and a Lakers pick or two. If Milwaukee supporting cast does poorly in the playoffs this year, it might go over well. This scenario allows for the key keeping of Darius Miller and JJ Redick for shooting to balance Lonzo, LaMelo, Zion, and Giannis. There would also be max money available in 2021 to add a superstar to that core 6.