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Despite his love for Thanos, Zion Williamson is truly the New Orleans Pelicans Avenger

He may be out of commission at the moment, but we’ll soon be able to marvel at his superpowers again.

At the conclusion of Marvel Studios Infinity Saga Avengers: Endgame, supreme villain Thanos is steeped in battle with our lead heros Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. After again compiling the Infinity Stones and gaining the upper hand, Thanos stares down Iron Man for the iconic line “I am inevitable” before his snap to end the world…

It’s well documented at this point that New Orleans’ own mountain of might, Zion Williamson, felt most connected to and embraced the villain for this climactic clash of the titans. What’s just as important is to point out how that perspective makes Zion all the more intoxicating when it comes to rooting for and watching him on the New Orleans Pelicans.

Much ink has been spilled over the last few months and year regarding the hype of Zion and looking at various angles. How will his shooting stroke evolve? Can he defend at the pro level? Is he just Julius Randle with hops as Enes Kanter once said? I am here to tell you that no, none of that is worth your time and energy.

Injuries be damned, Zion is inevitable.

More than any comic book character brought to life through the wonders of cinema, Zion Williamson’s earthbound powers border on cosmic. Before undergoing meniscus surgery, he showcased an undeniable ferocity that’s rarely seen in mere mortals in four preseason games. His stature and physique scream “super soldier” experiment that exceeded all expectations. However, Zion may be team #ThanosWasRight, but somehow all his primary features and strengths lend his portrayal much more to an Avenger than The Mad Titan.

Iron Man’s Charisma

Zion’s charm and charisma is one of his greatest contrasts with both former New Orleans stars and also most top athletes in general. He oozes an authentic and genuine persona that attracts interest beyond his spectacular plays and dunks. Not dissimilar from Avengers front man Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Iron Man is known for his quips and humor but also possesses an earnestness that’s impossible to hide. He’s trying to succeed and do so with his team as much as he can, and his public “face of the franchise” does much of the heavy lifting for the Avengers in the public eye.

Where Zion differentiates is obviously Stark’s sarcastic nature that pushes him much closer to a different Avenger...

Captain America’s Selflessness

Captain America isn’t always the loudest voice in the room — and he’s often very corny, which Zion mirrors at times too — but he is always there to pick up his teammates and get the job done. Sometimes even he’s the least powerful hero given the gravity of the task, most notably stepping up to Thanos multiple times during the Battle of Wakanda in Infinity War. Zion’s strength is tremendous, but his shorter stature and outsized girth have generated countless talking heads to wonder if he can ultimately get the job done in New Orleans. I have faith Zion has a little Captain in him and shuts down the naysayers sooner than later.

Beyond his ability and willingness to share the ball, Zion is deeply connected and motivated by teammate success. As much as anyone, he has preached the Duke “Brotherhood” mantra and brought that same energy to New Orleans where his fellow rookies Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Jaxson Hayes have become local favorites as they break their way into the NBA together. There is no doubt that as he continues to grow as a player and person those same leadership qualities will help forge him with a similar resolve and commitment to others in both the team and community.

Black Panther’s Agility & Gracefulness

The King of Wakanda is arguably the most agile and mobile of the Avengers, literally sporting cat like speed and reflexes. He scales buildings with ease and outruns cars in a chase. Simply put, he’s a physical specimen that can keep up with anybody.

Zion, too, can blow people away with how light on his feet and quick he is even at his size. His balance and stability while being hit in traffic and appearing completely unbothered further merit extreme reverence as an athletic marvel.

Hulk’s Strength

The Incredible Hulk showed instantly the kind of strength and ferocity he was capable of by dominating the Avengers first big battle with Loki. Though the stakes and opponent can’t be considered similar, even in respects to basketball, the similarity to Hulk’s Ragdoll Loki routine and what Zion did to poor Kevin Knox are unmistakable.

Thor’s Hammer

The God of Thunder generally prefers to bring Mjolnir or Stormbreaker to a fight.

Zion, well he’s got them hands...

Get well soon, Zion and let’s dance!


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