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The Bird Calls Podcast, Ep. 145: “Greatness Breeds Greatness” effect fast spreading through New Orleans Pelicans organization

Performance coach Mike Guevara’s personal story and influence on New Orleans basketball is a must listen!

2018 NBA Summer League - Las Vegas - Toronto Raptors v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There are lots of angles to any offseason when discussing NBA players or high caliber athletes of any sport but there’s few better perspectives than going to those who know these talents better than they do themselves.

After months of grueling mental and physical exhibitions during the season, players use their time off in a plethora of differing fashions. But no matter the case, there is a time where preparation for next season must commence and that involves high level training, workouts, and lots of basketball. In a era where a camera is attached to almost everything you own, fans and media alike get a glimpse of some of these training regimens. This allows them to keep tabs on their favorite players and teams as the anticipation for the new season arrives.

The players get their fill of over reactions or memes thrown their way, yet no one can deny the fun in watching your favorite players getting ready for October. The off-season literally turns into an updated real life version of NBA 2K’s “Blacktop” feature of past games, but what’s often missing in these videos are the trainers and workout specialists behind them — men and women that you may not notice from a can of paint, but are helping turn the soul belonging to the player’s jersey you buy into a well-conditioned monster.

For the New Orleans Pelicans, one of these current men is Mike Guevara, better know as “Mike G” to those close to him. Guevara is a performance coach and consultant from Oakland, CA or “The Bay” as most would call it. He is currently working with the Pelicans in various styles of movement workouts and a few players in specific that you may recognize, most notably Jrue Holiday and Frank Jackson. In addition, he’s been seen around a slew of others, including Rajon Rondo, Solomon Hill, Justin Holiday, and Elfrid Payton.

Our editor of The Bird Writes, Oleh Kosel, recently put together a beautiful story involving Coach G and Frank Jackson, and should have more coming your way very soon. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do here.

This goes without mentioning the work that he’s put in with tennis star Victoria Azarenka, World Cup and soccer star Lauren Holiday, and former NFL pro bowl tight-end Julius Thomas among others in the past.

Even with his schedule being extremely busy, Guevara gave us another exclusive interview where he speaks on his roots and a few of the special relationships he’s encountered overtime. He goes into detail about his upbringing and his longterm aspirations in football, that later became a key to the figure we see today. Guevara has a nickname of “mrdoitmoving” and our interview with him is just a glimpse of everything put around that name.

From Jrue Holiday’s trials and tribulations to Frank Jackson’s future, Guevara gives some genuine introspection to the amazing men that these two are — not just their basketball abilities. But for those eager to soak in as much basketball talk as possible, Mike G. sheds some light on what we should expect from Jackson this year as well as why Jackson is one of the top three athletes he’s ever been around.

The audio is far from perfect (sorry about that!) as I was stuck in a parked car during a rainstorm, among other issues on my end. But overall we got it done and it’s really a fun compelling interview. Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to follow Mike on Twitter @MrDoItMoving and on Instagram @MrDoITmoving if you’re into pictures. And as always, make sure you subscribe to the best New Orleans Pelicans podcast in the land: “The Bird Calls.”