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The Bird Calls Podcast, Ep. 144: Various New Orleans Pelicans utilizing Instagram and fans loving the offseason kool-aid

Plus scouring the list of free agent point guards and talking Anthony Davis’ best teammates — inspired by Kevin’s excellent articles!

New Orleans Pelicans v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

After making some noise in the 2018 Western Conference playoffs, the whole city is eager to watch the New Orleans Pelicans build on their success. Fortunately for fans, it’s easier to stay abreast of what their favorite teams and players are doing during the offseason, and judging by the material publicly available, various Pelicans have been caught hard at work in preparation of what promises to be an exciting year.

The modern day NBA, as fans see it, continues to evolve through the use of social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Instagram, specifically, is the world’s second leading social media network — first among ages 26 and under according to Forbes, NY Times, and TechCrunch.

EMarketer’s Forecast in 2017 discovered:

  • Facebook usage in the US in the 12 to 17 age group will fall 3.4% vs 2016, to 14.5M, accelerating from the 1.2% slip seen last year
  • Snapchat’s US monthly users are expected to grow 25.8% in 2017 to 79.2M monthly, with growth figures adjusted higher for all but the oldest age group, and the biggest upward revision for the 18-to-24 group which is forecast to see usage escalate 19.2% this year
  • Instagram’s US monthly users are expected to grow 23.8% in 2017, up from prior forecasts, to 85.5M, expanding its user base among under 12s by 19%, and 12 to 17s by 8.8%

Instagram’s popularity and ‘engagements’ have created the perfect platform for players to share the details of their specific and arduous training regimens. Its popularity among young people — players included — is forcing more and more people to the company Facebook acquired for just over $1 billion dollars in 2012.

In these videos first shared by Pelicans Instagram, Jrue Holiday, Justin Holiday, Solomon Hill, Elfrid Payton, and Pelicans ‘Rookie’ Frank Jackson appear to be getting after it in front of the approving eyes of Pelicans Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mike Guevara.

The Pelicans mentioned above aren’t the only ones getting prepped for the upcoming season in serious fashion. E’Twaun Moore, Julius Randle, and Jahlil Okafor have gotten in on the social media game as well.

Always in grind mode! #Lockedin

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Appreciate the runs @chicagobasketballclub

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While players working out in the offseason is hardly a breaking development, the access fans have to their workouts continues to increase and improve in quality. Not only that, but as players take notice of each other’s shared workout videos, more and more become prompted to do the same. David Grubb of Crescent City Sports talked about this aspect in good detail on our latest podcast.

“Now it works in two different ways.”

”Players can use it as propaganda in certain instances. Not to be misconstrued as a negative, players (like Okafor) use this to let people know that, hey, what you thought I was is not what I was today. Or what I was, I’m getting better at. They use them as advertisement for themselves.”

”And for fans, they’re getting a look at the players where normally, when we were coming up, we didn’t know what players did. That access to your players, to see how their bodies are developing, that gets you excited. It has shrunk the world between the athletes and fans.”

Whatever the players’ purpose, fans have to relish the opportunity to see their favorite players hard at work in preparation of one of the most important seasons in the franchise’s young history. Should the Pelicans enjoy another successful campaign — we discuss what that might be — it could greatly influence Anthony Davis to sign the biggest deal in NBA history next summer, worth somewhere in the neighborhood of five years, $236 million.

Join the cast of ‘The Bird Calls Podcast” as we break down the Pelicans’ workouts, the future of Frank Jackson, as well as debate and discuss Kevin Barrios’ recent articles on the ten best teammates of the Anthony Davis Era, and of course, try to adequately answer all of your mailbag questions!