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The Bird Writes Podcast Ep. 14: Wild Wild West - Breaking down the Kawhi Leonard trade and looming Carmelo Anthony buyout

Rehashing Week 3 of free agency.

NBA: All Star Game-Eastern at Western Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We’re three weeks into free agency and so far the period has only made our Wild West even stronger. After LeBron James splashed down in Los Angeles with the Lakers, the Kawhi Leonard deal has blessed the Spurs with DeMar DeRozan while Carmelo Anthony will probably end up on a Western Conference playoff contender soon.

The TBW crew talks about how San Antonio’s move impacts the Western Conference and what it means for Pop’s future. In the East, Toronto now has its future in the hands of The Claw – either an unlikely return or an inevitable rebuild is on the way. EP 14 questions where Kawhi’s reputation is at now and what he’ll do to worsen or fix it with the Raptors.

Carmelo Anthony was also dealt in this week’s Western Conference happenings. Travis and Trevor talk about OKC getting a high-level backup point guard in return and what Anthony’s likely new destination means for the West.

Don’t fret... the crew ends with a New Orleans Pelicans update. As always, continue to follow The Bird Writes on FB and Twitter!