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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 133: Will the King Brow Down? And Other Hopes and Dreams...

While LBJ to the Pels is a dream — what does all of this talk say about the state of the Pelicans? Also, find out what NBA writers we’d throw down an empty elevator shaft.

NBA: All Star Game-Team LeBron at Team Stephen Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We open things up discussing my latest article — a 1.5 bonus addition to my three-faceted offseason plans for the Pelicans. In this scenario we sign-and-trade Boogie to the Wizards and then make a subsequent trade with the Memphis Grizzlies clearing their cap sheet while making the Pelicans a potentially deep, long, and potent luxury tax team. The focal point is creating a backcourt that should be to defense what the Steph/Klay backcourt is to shooting.

Then we address a slew of great questions from our listeners — please keep sending them even if we don‘t ask for them — just @ Preston anytime and he’ll keep them on deck, we love them and it produces great show content.

First up, our longtime friend of the pod, Wakawakawakanda (@DarthDarius) asks us how much fun this talk of LeBron to New Orleans is for us, and how likely do we think it is. We also discuss whether LeBron James‘ decision will hold up free agency.

We then address how the Pelicans will fill minutes down low should DeMarcus Cousins walk in free agency, which includes Oleh giving a solid breakdown of the Pelicans current cap situation.

Oleh explains that Rondo’s price tag wasn’t as low as we typically think it was this season as he also got paid by the Bulls. He then speculates on what Rondo could be seeking to return to the Pelicans.

NBA: Preseason-Dallas Mavericks at New Orleans Pelicans Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Solomon (@Solo_Be_Ballin) — which may be a very poorly disguised Solomon Hill burner account — asks us if the inability of the Pelicans to hold onto Quinn Cook should be viewed as a failure on the part of Dell Demps.

We discuss how important it is to develop young talent — especially considering how top heavy our salary sheet is.

If the Pelicans bring DeMarcus Cousins back, is this a team that is tax worthy? I like to envision Gayle Benson sitting down Dell and any potential players that would put us in the tax like Elaine Benes interviewing potential lovers to see if they are sponge worthy.

Oleh, walks us through how the potential of legalized gambling on NBA games could impact the salary cap in the near future — making a dip into the tax less of a risk.

Preston asks if Cousins returns should the Pelicans trade Nikola Mirotic for more pieces and future savings?

Then Ralph Malbrough (@SaintsForecast) tries to get us in trouble by asking what NBA Twitter personality or talking head we would like to throw down an empty elevator shaft.

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