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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 98: The Royal Ramble — a disastrous stretch has our mouths running over

On the heels of a 10-game winning streak, we take the whole foot to the throat with a 4-game disaster.

New Orleans v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Looking at the quality of opponents the Pelicans have faced over this recent 4-game slump, one could be very Dude-like and say, “Man, nothing is f**cked here.” However, the Big Easy is more Big Lebowski when taking its Twitter pulse, “Nothing is f**cked here?!! The goddamn plane has crashed into the mountain!!!” Perhaps a better analogy is that the bird has flown into the plane’s engine — feathers are everywhere.

Anyway, we try to calm ourselves and look at how some minor tweaks or lucky bounces could have righted the ship, and could hopefully get us back on track. So before you do anything drastic — let us try to talk you out of it.

We open up with Oleh discussing what was more of a gut-wrench — the Pelicans losing to the Thunder or the ridiculous events that unfolded between the Bucks and Nuggets immediately after. We then dissect the offense. What has happened to it? Is there hope of fixing it? Is it fatigue? Is it personnel? Where has the movement gone? In breaking down the offensive woes Oleh makes reference to Top Gun, but unfortunately not the volleyball scene, but I’ll put it here for inspiration whenever you find yourselves, “playing with the boys.”

Oleh also gives us some very damning stats about pace and passing — teasing his forthcoming article, which posts tomorrow.

Preston seeks validation in his desires to see more Emeka Okafor and I give it to him. I also question the lack of Ian Clark in clutch time to close out the Thunder game. I was perplexed as the hottest hand we had sat on the bench in a game that was in reach — hearing his name called on the Pelivision Screen as 6th Man of The Game — before hearing it called from Alvin Gentry to go to the scorer’s table when the game had basically been sealed. Oleh also dives into the rotations with his plea for more Cheick Diallo — the people’s player. He also dives into the decline of Darius Miller. Oleh, defends the coaching staff and puts the blame on the players...but, still says we need more Diallo.

Preston asks if it’s the right move to play a clearly hobbled Anthony Davis this many minutes. He also asks how much blame we should put on Davis for this recent slump. Of course, Oleh and Preston break down Red Bull Commercial Gate and its absurdity.

We also discuss whether we should be more upset over some of those early season losses to bad opponents than this 4-game stretch against quality teams.

What happened to Jrue against Oklahoma City? How have our expectations of Holiday changed throughout the season. Is aggression the most important metric in judging how successful Jrue is night in and night out? Probably.

We go through the 10-game winning streak and pick our “signature” wins through those high points in the post-Boogie era.

Oleh breaks down just how good the Pelicans are right now. He also looks into why the Pels went from one of the best clutch teams in the league to one that cannot finish.

We look ahead to sunnier opportunities as the Pelicans schedule gets much easier in the coming days with match-ups against clearly tanking teams like Memphis and Phoenix — as well as a possibly resting Warriors team that is dealing with their own injuries, and stand to gain or lose anything in the standings.

Preston presses us for predictions on our final record and playoff seeding predictions. We also discuss what it would take for us to consider this season a success.

Then we close out with some questions from Twitter.

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