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The Bird Writes Podcast Ep. 9: Jim Eichenhofer talks Pelicans sweep, how current group compares historically and takes look ahead

New Orleans dismantled Portland in the first round of the 2018 playoffs. What does it mean and how will the team play moving forward?

NBA: Playoffs-Portland Trail Blazers at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports writer, podcaster and video star Jim Eichenhofer joined Trevor Ritchie and I on The Bird Writes Podcast after the Pels’ 4-game sweep against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Jim was with the team the last time the Pels (then Hornets) won a playoff series — a 5-game contest against the Dallas Mavericks. How does this team compare to that one? Jim has the history with the organization and offers his thoughts.

The city is in a different place. 2008 was a long time ago and before that season, Chris Paul wasn’t yet a star, Peja was on the back-half of his career and Tyson Chandler was basically unproven. The team had played parts of the previous two seasons in Oklahoma City and the city hadn’t experienced any Saints success either!

Now, the Pelicans have Anthony Davis destroying the rim, Jrue messing with opponents’ confidence and Rondo calculating his way to open shots.

Winds are changing throughout the NBA playoffs with veteran and star-laden teams like Cleveland and Oklahoma City taking unexpected losses while Nola, Philadelphia and Utah win big games — does that mean it’s time for the Pels to rise up and crush their next opponent?

Jrue Holiday, MVP-level defender? How will he fare in the next series? Will Steph Curry even be ready? Should we assume Golden State is going to definitely beat the San Antonio Spurs?

There’s still a long way to go before our next series (Go, Spurs, Go!) but the Pels have already thrilled the city and the general NBA fan! Let’s go Pels!