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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 88: Anthony Davis on the campaign trail for MVP

Plus yapping about a bunch of other good things including the Pelicans four-game winning streak and the recent play of Emeka Okafor and Jrue Holiday!

NBA: Miami Heat at New Orleans Pelicans Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve all seen the numbers by now.

  • Anthony Davis is the first player EVER in the steals/blocks recorded era (1973) to record 45 points, 17 rebounds, five blocks and five steals.
  • Over the last four games, Davis is averaging 42.3 points, 14.8 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 4.0 steals, 3.0 blocks and 2.3 threes.

“He’s like a video game.” – Emeka Okafor

“I think now I’m almost taking him for granted.”-Alvin Gentry

Anthony is taking the leap before our eyes to a transcendant level, and it’s resulted in a four game win streak, albeit in cardiac fashion. The Pelicans have played bonus minutes five times in the past five weeks, eight times overall this season. Thankfully, they’ve fared well under marathon like conditions with a record of 6-2.

While the Pelicans shooting has dipped in 2018, the defense has lept from 29th in Defensive Rating to 18th. The Pelicans have also climbed from seventh in pace to third.

The Pelicans are evolving with newly acquired Nikola Mirotic and Emeka Okafor. While their ceiling is undoubtedly lower than it was one month ago, they are still finding ways to win led by the newbies and a 19-point first-half performance from Ian Clark. We saw little to no panic from a Pelicans squad who trailed throughout, and by as many as eight in the final four minutes.

At 32-26, the Pelicans have given the city newfound hope of not only reaching the playoffs, but potentially surprising an unsuspecting opponent as well.

The Milwaukee Bucks come home on Sunday after their own thriller, having taken down the mighty Toronto Raptors in overtime in Canada, 122-119. Sitting at 33-25 and led by MVP-candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo, recently returned Jabari Parker, and Eric Bledsoe, will the Pelicans be able to elongate the streak?

It will likely take another star studded performance from AD and Jrue Holiday, but who else will step up?

Join Oleh Kosel and David Grubb as we discuss this, the evolving Western Conference and so much more, and if you like, won’t you give us a rating on Itunes?!

Let’s Go Pels!