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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 86: Winning Streaks, Pep Talks, Ejections, Playoff Hopes, BooGate and More

Our little big three are back from being broken and beaten down from Mardi Gras bar shifts, family crises and national tragedies. With the world crumbling around us, we are glad to distract ourselves and talk basketball.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately my work schedule has made it hard for me to watch as much basketball as I’ve wanted and has thus hindered my ability to talk with Preston and Oleh about it. So while I haven’t seen every game in this Pelicans’ three game streak — working in a French Quarter bar during Mardi Gras — I have seen some shit. Therefore, it was great to get reunited with my couch and with them Bird Calls boys in my first time off in seemingly ever — I apologize in advance for my brain being mushier than oatmeal infused with belly-button lint.

Anyway, for those of you starved for Pelicans talk in our absence, we jam-packed a lot into an episode that finds itself in one of the ostensibly slowest news cycle of the season despite Anthony Davis gearing up to represent the Pels in tonight’s All-Star Game.

We discuss the current three-game winning streak, and how important additions like Nikola Mirotic, Emeka Okafor and DeAndre Liggins have been. As well as the importance of Boogie’s pep talk and locker room inspiration in general. Oleh also discusses what it would take for Anthony Davis to be in the MVP discussion at season’s end.

We break down what we expect out of Anthony Davis in the All-Star game and if there could be a case made for Jrue Holiday as an All-Star snub.

Preston asks me to give my take on what I’ve termed as, “Boogate” — a movement to condemn fans for booing Alvin Gentry that was spawned by this tweet from friend of the pod, Jamelle McMillan.

Oleh and Preston dig into the Rajon Rondo ejection and his inspired play lately. Caring is good, but in this instance was his passion a detriment? Oleh heaps praise on Rondo’s play post the Achilles tendon injury heard around the basketball world.

We discuss if there is a need to add another player this season. We also look at the improved play of Cheick Diallo and the energy he provides off of the bench.

How much of an obstacle is a back-to-back-to-back down the playoff stretch run? Was this make up game a slight to both the Pels and Pacers for refusing to play when NBA officials had ruled the court safe enough to play?

Then Preston closes us out with some real life struggles and the absurdity and audacity of telling people with a platform to not speak their mind on a political and social issues.

Thanks for listening. We are glad to be back.

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