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New Orleans Pelicans will soon sign Greg Monroe — Here’s 10 reasons why!

The Phoenix Suns bought out the 27-year-old on Thursday, so you know the Pels haven’t stopped salivating since hearing the news.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans need Greg Monroe, and if he hasn’t figured it out yet, Greg Monroe needs the New Orleans Pelicans.

Here’s ten largely unbiased reasons why these two entities are about to enter into what is hopefully going to blossom into a very productive relationship. :)

  • Anthony Davis has never preferred to spend time exclusively at the center position. Remember, that’s why Dell Demps originally traded a first round pick to Houston for Omer Asik and then later re-signed Asik and Alexis Ajinca to new contracts despite the fact that New Orleans had hired an uptempo head coach in Alvin Gentry. AD’s recent reaction to playing center: “If it has to be done.” Yeah, no, I’m not convinced.
  • The day after DeMarcus Cousins ruptured his left Achilles tendon, Gentry stated in practice, “We’ll play AD some there, but try to not play {him} huge minutes there.” Well, if you’re not planning to play Davis big minutes at center and Asik has averaged only 15.5 minutes the past two games...
  • Speaking of Asik, he’s not long for this roster. Trust me. He’s sat on the trade block before in New Orleans, but this time it’s different; the Pelicans seem downright determined to move him before this upcoming trade deadline. The Nikola Mirotic deal was oh so close to being done, and reportedly it’s not dead and buried yet. Either way, the Pelicans are at the most just days away from being left with zero viable options at center besides Davis. Not even cellar-dwelling teams in the standings would let this happen.
  • The Pelicans need help on the glass ASAP. Despite Davis averaging 15 rebounds in the two games since Boogie went down, #DoItBig has been outrebounded by a margin of 8 boards to the 22nd (Clippers) and 28th (Kings) rated rebounding teams in the NBA.
  • Monroe was released from his contract by the Phoenix Suns nine days before the trade deadline. Typically, players are waived after it, even if the odds for a trade are practically zero. Are the Suns making room on their roster for a trade or did they do Greg a favor and just speed up the process because his fate was sealed?
  • The thinking that the Boston Celtics are the favorites to sign Monroe because they can offer him more money and likely a deep playoff run don’t sway me. Not only is home where the heart is (Greg hails from the New Orleans region), but the Pelicans will easily be able to offer him the biggest opportunity. Monroe’s agent isn’t fretting over a few extra million now, he’s much more interested in watching Moose sign that next multi-year contract — which will only attract the biggest of bucks if Greg has a chance to showcase his talents in the biggest role possible from now until the end of this season.
  • Please don’t forget about the love affair this front office has had from time to time with Greg Monroe. The Pelicans reportedly chased him multiple instances in the past, and just as Dell Demps was finally able to bring Solomon Hill to New Orleans, he’ll be similarly ecstatic about adding Moose.
  • The Pelicans need to start thinking about a DeMarcus Cousins backup plan. In case Boogie’s contract negotiations don’t fare well during the next free agency period or he happens to suffer a setback in his rehabilitation program, New Orleans must have a good idea of Plan B. Monroe may ultimately not be the right candidate, but at least they’ll finally be convinced to look elsewhere.
  • Monroe isn’t the perfect fit, as he’s slow footed and a noted poor defender in space, but he should slot nicely into Chris Finch’s system. He’s a solid scorer in and around the paint, an acceptable free throw shooter, crashes the offensive glass beautifully and can make all the necessary passes.
  • New Orleans plays six times over the next 10 days, starting with a big back-to-back on Friday and Saturday against the Thunder and Timberwolves. They’re leaking oil and a two-game losing streak could quickly avalanche into something infinitely worse. Moreover, with the Clippers and Jazz still looking to sell off pieces, the 8th seed in the Western Conference remains quite attainable, but avoiding the Warriors in the first round requires urgency.