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Bay Area Privilege is a Thing: Talking Pelicans vs Warriors with Asian Man Record’s Mike Park

The Bird Calls Podcast, Ep. 159: Punk/Ska third wave legend and Bay Area native Mike Park joins us on The Bird Calls to break down the Pelicans upcoming match up with the Warriors.

NBA: Playoffs-New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last season I got reported for racism a few times for this tongue-in-cheek tweet about the most privileged of teams not being able to recognize the benefits they are gifted above what non-Kevin Durant-Steph Curry-Klay Thompson-Draymond Green—led teams struggle to achieve.

Fittingly, one of the most empathetic and politically and socially progressive people I know lives and breathes this privileged NBA fandom life — yet he still longs for the struggle. Have your mind blown as Mike Park, founder of Bay Area punk label Asian Man Records, walks us through success fatigue.

Courtesy of Asian Man Records

When a team’s Achilles heel is their own boredom, does a dinged up New Orleans Pelicans’ roster have a chance? Scratch your head in puzzled jealousy as we learn that a 13% three-point percentage from a key shooter doesn’t even phase the Bay Area fan base or media — and rightly so because Thompson went off last night!

Get an outsiders perspective of the Pels from a Warriors’ fan that has adopted New Orleans because he misses accessible and small market basketball and he loves Anthony Davis —and wants him to stay put! Hear about how a New Orleans vs Phoenix game on a Tuesday night is someone’s dream scenario.

We also tackle under the radar contributors to the Warriors, Boogie expectations and Mike’s take on the Pelicans with Mirotic vs the Pelicans with DeMarcus Cousins. We discuss NBA players using their platform to effect social change — especially the recent discussions of mental health issues and how that may affect the way the media covers athletes going forward. We also talk Nike City Edition jerseys and what the best music-related options would be for our respective markets. And we of course force him into some self-promotion. Mike’s latest band is called, Ogikubo Station and has some very local ties. Maura Weaver, his songwriting partner recently moved to New Orleans and is dating Zach Quinn of Pears — a band I used as an analogy in my last column. Here’s a video for, “Take a Piece of All That’s Good” from Ogikubo Station’s recently released debut album, “We Can Pretend Like.”

Also, Asian Man Records has released a new record from the Chicago-based pop-punk legends, Smoking Popes earlier this month. The Popes will be playing at Santos on Decatur St. right after the Pelicans and Suns game on Saturday, Novemeber 10th. Here’s a preview of that record.

Here’s a bonus live performance of one of my favorite Smoking Popes songs.

My friends and local self-deprecators High are opening, so cap off a night of basketball with an affordable intimate show if you are into that sort of thing.

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