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Stars Aligned, Part II: Applying The Third Eyeball Test to Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday and Elfrid Payton

Using the position of the planets and transmissions from stars at the time of each players birth we may be able to determine how a player should be used and what teammates bring out the best in each other. Put on a tinfoil hat and let’s suspend some disbelief.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

In this piece I’ll breakdown the two stars of the roster — Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday while also decoding Elfrid Payton who is tasked with orchestrating the offense. Using the Jovian Archive and comparing those findings to NBA stats, analytics and eyeball tests, I hope to get a clearer picture of how effective this roster construction should be.

Note: Before diving into this piece please take time to read the introduction to the concepts utilized below in Part 1.

Note: Due to not having actual times of birth, I used 8 a.m., which is the most common birth time for humans. This could provide some variance to their actual charts, but they shouldn’t drift too far off course.

Anthony Davis

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Manifestor: A Manifestor is the main component that drives a force. It’s the whole reason a device exists. Percy Spencer an engineer for a defense contractor was once testing a military grade magnetron when he realized the peanut cluster bar he had in his pocket had melted. This led to him applying the magnetron to an egg which promptly exploded all over his face. Finally, he experimented with some kernels of corn that popped to perfection, leading to the invention of the microwave oven. Anthony Davis is the microwave technology — the driving force and sole focus of the oven existing.

Manifestors are quick energy; they initiate action and something is kindled. However, Manifestors cannot exist in a vacuum. They will always be the main focus, but they need Generators, Projectors and Reflectors to be a fully functioning unit. Without a timing mechanism, a power regulator and a casing, the magnetron would destroy food, but when combined with other parts that make it the controlled and aided star of the show, it becomes a useful and highly powerful microwave oven.

Manifestors are also meant to be informers. Not only are they the key component, but they must serve as a leader to get the other types to do their jobs. However, Manifestors may not be natural leaders. It is said that there is a delicate balance for the Manifestor between informing and doing. When you stop what you’re doing to inform, it slows things down. This plays into the idea that Davis was never much of a vocal leader, but has chosen to lead by example (though his recent dedication to being a better vocal leader is something that is echoed throughout Airline Drive — even if it isn’t in his true nature).

This does reflect what Trevon Bluiett said about AD at media day. Bluiett said that Davis is the most unselfish superstar in the league. He said he’s capable of scoring 50, but that 50 would come within the flow of the offense and that everyone would be involved. Bluiett says that it makes his teammates play unselfishly because of the example he sets.

He also praised Davis for how much effort he puts in to helping the younger guys get better. These are the ways Davis draws from his Manifestor design to be a leader without being a strong vocal presence.

5/1: Attention Bill Simmons, Kevin O’Connor, Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose and the entire city of Boston, here is where your overly egregious drunken fratboy in a white ‘Cocks hat thirst gets a drink thrown in its face. Davis having a 5th line in his profile means that his projections are not real.

“The projection is not you actively expressing your energies so they are up to interpretation of the receiver. Since this is perception is almost all non verbal, it is likely to be inaccurate or incomplete. So the people you meet will often form opinions or impressions of you that in the long term don’t match the real you underneath that projected field.”

While Davis has never expressed any desire to leave New Orleans — and in fact, has often professed his commitment to the city and team — saying that he was tired of losing, referencing Boston as a model for the Pelicans’ franchise to follow and signing with Klutch Sports has the national media standing on soap boxes boldly predicting his time is done in New Orleans. Also, as a 5th line profile, the magnetic part of Davis seeks the spotlight, but after soaking in it for a while, he needs a respite. Being in a small market allows for those breaks from the world’s eyes constantly picking him apart and comparing him to past legends — he’s made for the small market.

The 1st line in his profile is the investigator. Davis needs to understand the foundation details surrounding him. We’ve heard that Davis expressed real concern once Rajon Rondo dipped out to Los Angeles, and that he wanted to know how the team planned on replacing him. Davis was then immediately involved in the recruitment and subsequent signing of Julius Randle. AD wants to be heard by Dell Demps and the staff, and it’s been noted many times in the past that Davis was included in roster decision discussions — including the possibility of letting DeMarcus Cousins walk.

Single Definition: Being singularly defined means that all of your defined chakras are communicating perfectly in an unblocked non-changing circuit. In your truest nature you feel a sense of wholeness — there is no drive to find someone to complete you. You are not dependent on outside help to complete the flow through your chakras. Anthony Davis being singularly defined is of great benefit to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Small market teams are the schools of sardines that large market GMs, media, and fan bases swoop down into — like a pelican — to scoop up the nourishment they need to maintain their above sea-level status. However, Davis does not feel the need to have another star complete him; he feels like he can do it alone. Being singularly defined would also explain some of the rumblings out of the locker room that Davis was not so keen on all of the shine DeMarcus Cousins was getting. Davis wants to be the one carrying his team. I know this stings Boston right in the beans, but it should ease the minds of Pelicans Nation.

Also, Davis having an open Anja and Head chakra leave him susceptible to conditioning in those chakras. The switch to Klutch Sports was seen as a cry for an escape to LA or Boston. However, as many understood locally, this is more about Davis off the court, marketing himself and rebranding his image. We are already seeing how a powerful agency like Klutch is using his open chakras to condition his persona.

Davis is out here stating that he is the best player in the league — something he clearly shied away from in recent years despite always being in the conversation. His persona is malleable because his Anja and Head are undefined. This agency switch projects to be largely beneficial to Davis. (For more on this, please read this fantastic piece by Jamile Dunn.)

Left Angle Cross of Informing: This specific incarnation cross carries the willingness and need to listen and then eloquently communicate what has been told. This makes Davis the collector and distributor of information. This again points to AD’s lead by example style of leadership; he isn’t the kind of the leader that generates the idea, but he makes everyone else fall an line through his work ethic and example. Asking him to be a vocal leader is taking him away from his true nature. This was one area where Rajon Rondo allowed him to be his true self.

Bonus Super Tin Foil Hat Theory: Is Anthony Davis Pharaoh Akhenaten reincarnated, or was his famous growth spurt the result of an infusion of Akhenaten’s DNA — in many conspiracy circles the Egyptian Pharaohs are thought to be part alien. The show Ancient Aliens often supposes that extraterrestrials were responsible for building the Egyptian pyramids.

Personally, I just view this as another attempt to discredit the achievements and ingenuity of non-white people in history. However, if Akhenaten was part alien and if AD is his reincarnate or if he was fused with his DNA, this could explain Davis’ alien-like growth spurt and incredible abilities — and I mean, he does look a lot like the pharaoh.

Jrue Holiday

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Projector: Projectors can be thought of like Black Panther’s suit: they absorb energy and then project it outward. However, that projection isn’t used like a weapon. The projection from a Projector is meant to guide.

Jrue Holiday being a Projector makes so much sense when we consider the great debate over if Jrue should play on the ball or off. It also answers some of the questions about Rajon Rondo’s importance.

Rondo is often credited with unlocking this new Jrue — this is somewhat true, but not entirely. His presence freed Jrue up to attack and get in his own rhythm offensively, making it seem that Holiday needed to play next to a true point guard. However, Rondo’s own limitations on the defensive end would often play him off of the court in the fourth quarter putting Jrue back on the ball. With Holiday already in a groove, running the show was not a problem for him. So the answer to the question of whether Jrue is a 1 or 2 is that he’s basically a 1-1/2. He needs a true point guard to get feed him early to absorb that playmaking energy, which he can project later when he shifts onto the ball, but he can’t manufacture that initial energy on his own.

Think back to the first 13 games of last season, when Rondo was injured and Jrue was a shell of himself when tasked to start the game as the initiator. He had games with five, six and seven turnovers. There were single digit scoring games. There were games where he shot below 35% from the field. There were games where he shined — because he is a phenomenal talent, but it was not the steady and decisive Jrue we were witness to in the later parts of the season.

Stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference

Not to diminish Rondo’s presence, but it seems that it wasn’t Rondo specifically that empowered Jrue; it was mainly the situation that allowed Jrue to play within his true nature. This is why Elfrid Payton and Jarrett Jack’s presence are so crucial for Holiday to continue playing at a level that was All-Star worthy. One of these true point guards needs to initiate the energy flow through Holiday early to allow him to take over and play as his true self.

Self Projected: Self projectors bounce their thoughts and ideas off of friends and family, looking for a reaction and adjust their paths and plans accordingly.

Holiday is clearly a very family-oriented person, which was echoed by Frank Jackson on media day.

The Left Angle Cross of Confrontation: This incarnation is being the energy from outside that comes in and takes control over what is rightfully yours. Having the Left Angle Cross of Confrontation is like being a corporate raider — initiating hostile take overs. It is also about the ability to take control and lead a more streamlined attack. In respect to Jrue, I interpret this two ways. First, using outside energy to take control over what is rightfully yours falls in line with being an All-NBA Defensive Player — making Jrue himself that outside energy. Forcing changes of possession, tipping balls, denying baskets — being, “Mr. Steal Your Ball.” Here’s a visual representation of this courtesy of our friend Kumar (@FearTheBrown) over at Bourbon Street Shots.

The second part reflects back to Jrue being a Projector. He absorbs the energy from a Generator, and then takes control and streamlines it. This part makes a case for the fact that Rondo isn’t all that important. The Generator doesn’t need to be a gifted passer and floor general like Rondo as Jrue will take in whatever energy is provided and improve upon it.

Think back to how well Holiday played alongside Tim Frazier. While Frazier was a nifty passer, he wasn’t nearly the presence that Rondo is, but we were seeing a flash of the unlocked Holiday next to Frazier. This bodes well for Holiday’s pairing with Elfrid Payton. Payton is just as polarizing as Rajon Rondo was, but without the pedigree of success. Many doubt his ability to fill in for Rondo or even to be an NBA player. Others — like myself — Stan hard for him.

Still, should Payton not pan out, all Jrue and the Pelicans need is a guy who can get Holiday started. Either Payton or Jack could make this work by playing that Emeka Okafor role — starter in name only. When Dell first called up ‘Mek from the 87ers, Alvin Gentry inserted him into the starting lineup. Okafor would play the first four or five minutes of the half and then most often sit until halftime. The second half would be the same story with Emeka playing four or five minutes from the start and then watching the rest of the game from the bench. Okafor was used as a Generator for Davis — allowing him to play at the the four and get him in the flow that way. According to Holiday’s Human Design Chart, this is the exact kind of help he needs from a Generator at the point guard position: A little jump start to allow him to take over.

Flashback Bonus Footage of Tim Frazier ‘Cause He was Fun:

Elfrid Payton

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Manifesting Generator: Manifesting Generators are multitaskers who get bored just doing one thing. In his 300 NBA games, Elfrid Payton has recorded 52 double-doubles and 10 triple-doubles. For his career per 100 possessions, he averages 19.5 points, 10.3 assists and 8.7 rebounds per game — a multitasker for sure.

Manifesting Generators are said to have a quickness about them — they are decisive in their attacks.

Elfrid Payton has driven to the rim 11.9 times per game for his career. He has also taken 42.5% of his shot attempts within 3’ of the basket, hovering around a 60% conversion rate on those attempts for his career — though he did finish 67.4% last season. Let’s compare this to some of the best at finishing around the rim.

  • Russell Westbrook has taken 35% of his shot within 3’ of the rim and converted 58.1% of them for his career — his best completion percentage came in 2011-12 at 63.1%.
  • Kyrie Irving has taken 25.8% of his attempts within 3’ of the basket and has converted 60.2% for his career with his best conversion rate coming last year with 64.9%.
  • Stephen Curry’s fame stems mainly from his outside shot, but he’s also a deadly finisher in the paint. Due to his outside shooting prowess, his percentage of shots taken with in 3’ is rather low at 17.4%, but Curry has only eclipsed Payton’s finishing percentages from last season twice — in 2014-15 (68.7%) and 2016-17 (69.6%).

Payton is a decisive and effective attacker residing in elite company. However, it isn’t only his ability to get to the rim and finish as Kumar has also mapped out how effective Payton is in early offense.

Chart and data courtesy of Kumar (@FearTheBrown) and Bourbon Street Shots
Chart and data courtesy of Kumar (@FearTheBrown) and Bourbon Street Shots

I used to refer to Gentry’s offense as, “Gentryfication.” Kumar calls it, “Gentry Ball.” Seeing as he has been proven to be more correct in his evaluation of the coach, I’ll stick to his moniker. Gentry Ball is predicated on speed, playing in the open court and early offense. At media day we heard Gentry start the day with promises of playing faster this season — a message that was clearly delivered to every player as they also spoke at great length about the rewards and challenges of playing at that brutal pace. The preseason has been a mixed bag, but one thing has been constant: the Pelicans have played at ludicrous speeds.

Payton’s design chart and Kumar’s data show that he seems worthy of piloting the ship, despite the somewhat underwhelming results of his past. Perhaps his past results stem from his situation — not being able to be his natural self. In Payton’s first four years in the league, his teams finished 16th, 18th, 12th and 21st (Orlando’s — I’m discounting his Phoenix run as the Devin Booker injury really saddled Payton with a very weak supporting cast) in pace. Elfrid only piloted an offense that was in the top half of the league in pace for one season, and they didn’t crack the top 10.

As a hybrid Manifestor and Generator, Payton has a direct connection to the throat chakra, making him a quick initiator but also a doer. This allows him to not only create, but to also work off of the energy of others. This allows for him to follow a strategy of rapid response. Manifesting Generators get something to respond to and respond quickly in an appropriate chain of order making them perfect floor generals.

4/6: The 4/6 profile goes through three different life stages. The stages are divided into birth - 28 years of age, 28-50, and then beyond 50. Payton is 24 years-old and still within the first stage of his profile. In that stage he lives like a 1/3 profile. According to the Human Design theory, Payton would have an inward focus in this stage, internalizing his investigations and experiments — basically, trying to figure out who he is and what best works for him. According to his profile, those investigations and experiments don’t go very well — this could explain his struggles to start his career despite seemingly having the tools to be a very competent or even a high-level NBA player. It’s the classic, “he has all of the tools he just hasn’t been able to put it all together” tag that can saddle a young player and wash him out of the league.

Once a 4/6 turns 28, Saturn aligns in positive path for him. His perspective changes. Instead of an inward focus, the 4/6 levitates above himself and looks down on the greater picture — much like Jean-Claude Van Damme’s monologue in JCVD.

The 4/6 begins to not look for all of the answers within himself, but looks outward. He begins to learn from others. They then take those lessons and draw them back into themselves. Elfrid Payton is on the cusp of this view from the roof stage in his life — if the Pelicans can speed up that natural progression they may have a steal on their hands, and Payton could be in talks for Most Improved Player or at least guarantee his place in the NBA for years to come.

In the post-50 year period, 4/6s come back down from the roof with the experience of the first 28 years experimentation and the following 22 years of observation. This understanding of self and others makes them ready to step into their role model era. 4/6s in their third stages should translate to quality coaches, especially those with Manifesting Generator designs. In fact, Rajon Rondo is also a 4/6 Manifesting Generator, which may have helped him earn his reputation as a coach on the court — but more on that later.

Single Definition: Payton — like Anthony Davis — is singular defined. While I focused on Davis’ feeling of wholeness and not needing to rely on another person to complete him, the part of this that I want to focus on for Elfrid is how all open or undefined chakras are susceptible to conditioning. These are the areas where outside forces can sidetrack a person away from their true self.

Elfrid Payton has an undefined head. This is the pressure center and the source of inspiration. With Payton’s being undefined, he can be conditioned to focus on things that aren’t important or are counterproductive to being his true form. Here’s where coaching and situation could have a huge impact. There’s no denying that Payton was saddled with questionable coaching, a lack of veteran leadership and a supporting cast that didn’t make his elevation easier. Can Alvin Gentry, Darren Erman, Chris Finch, Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday positively condition Payton’s head chakra and speed up the cycle to get him into the next stage of profile? Time will tell, but there are reasons to be optimistic.

Sacral: Having a sacral inner-authority gives Payton an inner knowing in the moment. It makes him instinctual — meaning he doesn’t have to overthink his actions. This a solid tool to have for a playmaker, but it also supports Payton’s abilities in the open floor and early in the shot clock. When he starts to have to think instead of quickly reacting, his efficiency declines.

The Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix: This incarnation is focusing on channeling energy straight from the sacral to the throat. It’s channeling that instinct and projecting it to others — a crucial ability for any floor general.

Bonus Theories: Elfrid Payton has been tasked with replacing Rajon Rondo — a task many worry that he isn’t up for. However, since Payton has often been compared to Rondo in many player comps, I ran Rondo’s chart and it shows that he and Elfrid Payton have identical properties. Human Design-wise Payton is the perfect replacement for Rondo.

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In part 3, we will explore the higher-level role players and their fits with Davis, Coach Gentry and each other. Keep your third eye open for it.