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DeMarcus Cousins appears in The Dark Horse, The 5th Quarter’s newest sports mockumentary

It may have been just a few lines, but they were memorable!

Chicago Bulls vs New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

DeMarcus Cousins is known for his acting on the court, but did you know he’s equally entertaining off of it, too?

The 5th Quarter, an OBB Pictures original which airs on, is a mockumentary series that “chronicles the greatest untold and untrue stories in sports history featuring guest appearances from comedians, actors and pro athletes playing themselves and fictional characters.”

The newest episode is named “The Dark Horse” and it’s a story about a bad boy who moves onto hobby horsing after being banned from the sport of dressage.

THE DARK HORSE follows the “bad boy” of Dressage, “Mean” Acer Greene, who was recently banned for life from the sport when his controversial antics go too far. Soon he discovers the sport of Hobby Horsing — Finland’s newest craze — and finds a trainer to help him hone his technique, thinking that if he does well in a competition the dressage federation will consider lifting their ban. Through persistent training, Acer perfects his hobby horse skills and learns to let go of his fear, but he’ll soon find out how competitive the sport really is — and that these athletes aren’t horsing around.

Although Cousin’s role isn’t a large one, it’s quite unforgettable because his lines seem like something Boogie would say!

“Acer was the bad boy of hobby horsing, which is a dumbass thing to be a bad boy of.”

“I don’t fuck with horses. At all. Any animal bigger than me, I’m not fucking with.”

Lmao! Below is the full video clip.

Cousins has appeared in previous episodes of The 5th Quarter, including their first release called “But I’m Just a Little Boy.”

According to Michael D. Ratner, the President/CEO of OBB Pictures, “Boogie is hilarious and we loved working with him in Season 1 so we wanted to make sure to get him involved this year. When the episode The Dark Horse was being written, we thought there probably wasn’t anything funnier than having DeMarcus be best friends with the best Dressage / Hobby Horser around so we made that a priority.”

Other prominent sports figures who have appeared in this series include Blake Griffin, Joel Embiid, Giancarlo Stanton, Nerlens Noel, LaVar and Lonzo Ball, Dr. J, Chandler Parsons, Karl-Anthony Towns and Gary Harris.