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2018 NBA Playoffs Second Round

New Orleans Pelicans season comes to a conclusion at hands of sharp-shooting Golden State Warriors, 113-104

New Orleans never, ever quit and did themselves, the coaches and their city proud.

2018 Playoffs Preview: For New Orleans Pelicans, it’s simple: Win or go home

Can Anthony Davis lead the Pels to an upset of the Golden State Warriors inside the Oracle?

New Orleans Pelicans come up woefully short in Game 4, suffering dreadful 118-92 loss to Golden State Warriors

A lackluster effort across the board results in a disappointing loss.

2018 NBA Playoff Notes: Warriors suffer one of season-worst losses, free throw disparity remains, Golden State flops and Jrue Holiday dunks, shoots and screens beautifully

Some things to ponder ahead of Game 4.

NBA Playoffs Preview: New Orleans Pelicans look to even series against Golden State Warriors

You know, Anthony Davis still hasn’t had that monster game in three tries against the Warriors.

The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 126: New Orleans Pelicans respond with 119-100 drumming of the World Champs

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors had plenty of reasons to hang their heads.

2018 NBA Playoffs: New Orleans Pelicans return home and trounce Golden State Warriors, 119-100

After dominant performances from Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo, plus a strong effort from the supporting cast, the series stands at 2-1.

Rajon Rondo is adamant of getting under Draymond Green’s skin — and for good reason

Rondo is hard at work of trying to break the focus of the Warriors most influential player in this series. Will he succeed?

NBA Playoff Preview: New Orleans Pelicans hope Sixth Man will help them achieve elusive victory against Golden State Warriors

If the Pelicans are to swing the tide of momentum, an assist from their New Orleans fan base just might be the ticket.

2018 NBA Playoffs: New Orleans Pelicans give fantastic effort but aggressive play goes unrewarded in 121-116 loss to Golden State Warriors

The lack of referee whistles was simply too hard to ignore.

NBA Playoff Preview: Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday need to regain star form to give Pelicans chance for upset of Warriors in Game 2

New Orleans needs to get back to playing New Orleans basketball. Pronto.

2018 NBA Playoffs: New Orleans Pelicans could be several adjustments away from more competitive effort against Golden State Warriors

Five important takeaways from the Pelicans loss to the Warriors in the opener.

2018 NBA Playoffs: “Can’t stand it, I know you planned it.” — Fans cry sabotage in Warriors dominant 123-101 victory over Pelicans in Game 1

Free throw disparities, turnovers, 2nd chance points, missed opportunities and a lack of hustle bring Pelicans Nation back to Earth — hopefully for one night only.

2018 NBA Playoffs: Keys for New Orleans Pelicans to pull off potential upset of Golden State Warriors

Winning the turnover battle, scoring tons of points and Anthony Davis/Jrue Holiday continuing to shine like superstars are just several necessary factors.

NBA Playoff Preview: New Orleans Pelicans seek to steal Game 1 of Western Conference semifinals against Golden State Warriors

Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday are coming in hot, but will it be enough to pull off another surprise upset?

2018 NBA Playoffs: Predictions for New Orleans Pelicans versus Golden State Warriors Round 2 matchup

Will Anthony Davis or Stephen Curry go home happiest?

2018 NBA Playoffs: Stephen Curry on verge of return for Golden State Warriors but New Orleans Pelicans offense too overlooked in second round matchup

A quick primer that points to the idea this series should be a closer battle than many think.

2018 NBA Playoffs: How will Golden State Warriors seek to attack New Orleans Pelicans and vice versa?

There’s going to be a lot of studs on the floor so where will each team find their advantages?

2018 NBA Playoffs: New Orleans Pelicans second round matchup against Golden State Warriors set but first a trip down memory lane

Before the next series tips off on Saturday, let’s have a look at how Anthony Davis and company got here.

2018 NBA Playoffs: New Orleans Pelicans sweep of Portland Trail Blazers isn’t guarantee of additional success in next round

History doesn’t appear to be on New Orleans side.

Anthony Davis more than ready to make statement in second round of 2018 playoffs

Whether DeMarcus Cousins’ absence is a blessing in disguise or not, Davis has been hungry to assert his dominance on the biggest stage.

2018 NBA Playoffs: Rajon Rondo’s preparation habits might factor significantly in favor of Pelicans in advance of Western Conference semifinals

We saw what Rondo was able to accomplish with a couple of days off before the start of the playoffs against the Portland Trail Blazers. Now he’ll have at least a week to prepare for New Orleans next opponent.