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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 25: Hurricane Irma strangely brings optimism for Pelicans and Saints

The slate still remains clean!

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Impending disasters, they suck, as New Orleans knows all too well.

The Houston region was devastated by Hurricane Harvey and now Florida is about to face the wrath of Irma. Yet amid all the doom and gloom in recent weeks, Ralph Malbrough, a writer at WWLTV and podcaster on Saints Happy Hour, and I were able to manufacture a few positives about the Pelicans and Saints.

For instance we talk about the teams’ injury records, a dismal chore year after year. As Ralph put it, “The Pelicans are the wayward home for NBA players with bad feet.”

After the recent loss of Frank Jackson, it’s hard to deny this notion — and a slew of others, but guess what? Eventually, the health must turn around because... well... it just has too. Who cares if Dr. Misty Suri was fired by one of the franchises but retained by the other!

On a more realistic note, learn to smell the roses — be glad there’s hope the Pelicans shouldn’t be on the move anytime soon. Even if Gayle becomes the owner one day, understand her ties to this city are strong. Sure, Tom considered moving the Saints after Katrina, but let’s remember all the charitable contributions by the Benson family since.

As far as the upcoming season, it’s way too early to get discouraged yet — the games haven’t even started! You know DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis will be fun and if decent results follow, realize the duo will probably look to stick around for awhile. I mean how can Boogie leave when his personality fits like a glove here in New Orleans?

The Saints play in two days and Ralph believes they’ll edge out a 19-17 win on the strength of a touchdown by the defense. That’s good because a peek at the schedule almost makes Monday night’s contest a must win. If you think the New England Patriots are going to lose back-to-back games, you don’t know Bill Belichick.

Plenty of opinions are confident that the Saints defense might be good. Why be excited by the unfamiliar? Because uncertainty is a whole lot better than the known tire fire of before, and this is precisely how everyone should view the Pelicans before the start of their regular season.

Don’t be consumed by the doom just yet. Go back to that feeling you had when the Boogie trade was first announced. The limited time he’s spent in New Orleans isn’t entirely indicative of what’s to come so remain optimistic about the Pelicans before the games start at least!

Okay, now go listen to the pod for all your negatives. :)