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The Bird Calls Podcast Ep. 27: Discussing individual expectations and roles on the New Orleans Pelicans

Our first mailbag edition!

New Orleans Hornets v Los Angeles Clippers

The biggest topic of conversation around water coolers remains the New Orleans Pelicans small forward position, and it’s no different for us here at The Bird Writes.

Travis wouldn’t start Tony Allen, preferring to bring him off the bench when Rajon Rondo takes his first break. Instead, Darius Miller seems to be the most natural fit. On the other hand, Preston brings up the point that Allen was signed to body up the league’s biggest and best wings. If you bring TA off the bench, his ability to influence the game defensively lessens, as he would spend more time guarding reserves.

One particularly good question raised on twitter asked why is no one pointing towards Jrue Holiday taking a step forward this season? The guys listed several reasons for this including the fact that Holiday’s reputation may have taken a bit of a hit moving to the two, and his new contract makes it hard to be hopeful since he was paid like a max player without ever consistently posting elite levels of production.

Expectations for Rondo are high — with dreamers hoping to see 70 games of playoff Rondo — but it’s been years since he’s played like one of the best players on a team. One only needs to realize his career sits at a crossroads, thanks to all the bumps along the way since leaving Boston. However, we’re hopeful Rondo has enough left to fill important roles distributing and defending, and if the Pelicans make the playoffs, don’t be surprised of him being rewarded with a multi-year deal.

Preston, Travis and Trevor also discuss E’Twaun Moore’s role and how it’s inevitable he sees time at small forward as the team is forced to utilize some 3-guard lineups, why the best case replacement for Solomon Hill still isn’t on the roster and their favorite candidates for the most valuable player outside of New Orleans big 3.

Lastly, the guys assess the doomsday scenario — if the Pelicans get off to another horrendous regular season start. If Alvin Gentry were to lose his job, is Darren Erman a lock to replace him? Are Demps and Gentry attached to the hip? Such unpleasantries, but hey, there’s real pressure to put up or shut up, right?

Enjoy and thanks to everyone who submitted questions!!!